Incredible Dream Machines Review Exposes New Vs Old Way of Crowdfunding has released a review of Incredible Dream Machines, a training program, software tools and a community for anyone wanting to launch a business using crowdfunding. Incredible Dream Machines shows how a new way of crowdfunding is taking the entrepreneurial world by storm.

Incredible Dream Machines – a new system and training program from crowdfunding and internet marketing experts Greg Jacobs and Tim Godfrey has been designed to help entrepreneurs seed, fund and launch a successful business using crowdfunding even without any prior experience.

In a recent online presentation Greg dispelled the myth that crowdfunding was only for inventors, product developers or manufacturers.Greg shared examples of ordinary people building extra-ordinary business’ by doing crowdfunding in a unique way.

One of the examples shared by Greg was how an electronic bike had been crowdfunded to the tune of $6.1 million dollars and the person who launched the campaign didn’t invent the electronic bike.

You can get access to the case study here.

The buzz surrounding the program’s release has caught the attention of’s Fabio Mastrocola, prompting him to publish an in-depth review.

The popularity of crowdfunding has significantly increased over the last few years and has provided entrepreneurs from all walks of life the opportunity to bring their start-up or idea to fruition.

There are many ways to raise capital to fund a business start-up idea or venture and most of them will bring their challenges with it. Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for cost effective and efficient methods, strategies and channels to fund their business aspirations and crowdfunding offers this.

“Savvy entrepreneurs know to focus their resources on tried and tested systems that can leverage crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter to fund their business enterprise. When Greg Jacobs and Tim Godfrey announced their new Incredible Dream Machines program, It was important to see how their system stacked up.” says Fabio.

The program, which is delivered digitally, includes access to an extensive 8 week training on crowdfunding. Greg and Tim have called it an Achievement Tree course meaning, each task will build upon the previous tasks – turning an intimidating mountain of information into easily manageable bite sized tasks.

In addition the program comes with critical pieces of software that cover elements such as:

– Niche & Product Research Formula to find gaps with high value unexploited products.

– Customer Acquisition and Engagement.

– Free Traffic Generation.

The Incredible Dream Machines has also included access to Incredible University which is a 3 day live event.

Incredible University is 3 days of 100% content and training, giving members the opportunity to follow up with both Greg and Tim in person, as well as network with fellow members of Incredible Dream Machines. Also planned for this event will be the opportunity for students who have already launched their successful crowdfunding campaigns to take their business to the next level. Greg and Tim have assembled a panel of angel investors and venture capitalists for students to pitch their products to, so that they can get further backing and support to take their enterprise even further.

The program also offers access to Greg’s Rolodex of buyers for major retail chains and distributors in the USA and Europe. Members of Incredible Dream Machines will get access to this database which potentially may put their products on the shelves of big box stores.

“Overall, the Incredible Dream Machines program has been well thought out and does offer the experienced or budding entrepreneur with an opportunity to build and seed a real business and do it quickly.” says Fabio.

Incredible Dream Machines is opened for enrollment on September 22, 2015.

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