Increasingly Popular Himalayan Salt Lamps Sweep Across America

The popular rustic and handcrafted pink or amber Heart Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamps have been launched on Amazon.

Tens of thousands of people now buy salt lamps every month, due to people seeking an organic and natural method of improving the quality of the air in their home. The popular rustic and handcrafted pink or amber Heart Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamps, designed as an ionizing air purifier to improve the quality of the air while producing a soothing amber light and premier home ambiance ideal for a sense of wellbeing, have been launched on Amazon. Available

The pink crystal lamp is about 6x8x4 inches and weighs 6 to 7 pounds, and comes with a six-foot cord and dimmer switch. Every piece of Himalayan rock salt is unique in color and color pattern, which is created by the minerals present and how they were deposited during rock salt formation. This and the hand crafting aspect make every piece one of a kind. Himalayan salt lamps are made of the natural materials of ancient rock salt mined in the Himalayan mountains and Neem wood crafted into a lamp base.

The simple, effective, and natural air freshener doubling as an attractive source of light and a home ambiance piece was developed by the prominent Useful Innovation, a company committed to introducing a variety of high quality, unique and organic air purifiers for home use that combine premier functionality with unique artistry and elegance. Popularity of salt lamps stems from users realizing improved indoor air quality, improved breathing, and a general increase in feelings of wellbeing when using the pink crystal lamps. The negative ion output of Himalayan salt lamps helps to reverse the effect of positive ions being generated by home electronics (electro-smog). More information on the salt lamp benefits available at

Useful Innovation explains that “we believe the lamps we offer go beyond merely being an interesting conversation piece, which puts negative ions into the air, improves air quality, produces a soothing amber light, and creates a feeling of wellbeing. Our lamps will look in place in any setting and each one is hand carved to ensure a slightly different work of art. They are an appropriate décor piece for a well-balanced and fine home with the smart lighting and good quality of air that are the very basics of good Feng Shui”. They are a romantic lamps ideal as a romantic or sentimental gifts. Available on Amazon at n-Purifier-Carved-Romantic-Eco-Friendly/dp/B017QPJQ4W

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