Increase in Rat Infestations During Pandemic Likely Has Multiple Causes

The cause of the increased rat activity is likely due to two major factors. By March 2020, students were learning from their kitchen counters, some businesses required employees to work from home, and restaurants either closed or offered pick-up only.

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At the start of the year, events leading up to the corona virus pandemic began to unfold. By March 2020, students were learning from their kitchen counters, some businesses required employees to work from home, and restaurants either closed or offered pick-up only. Restaurants closing their dining rooms or shutting down completely meant less discarded food accumulating in trashcans on sidewalks, liter debris, and garbage in dumpsters. This has left rats feeling hungry and on the search for alternative sources of food. Desperate times call for desperate measures, like venturing into homes in the area to scour for food. Empty restaurants haven’t been the only concern for the area. The pesky rodents can adjust to their surroundings rather quickly and usually live close to where people live as this creates easy access to food. Even though rats prefer to live in restaurants and homes, rats will build nests in abandoned buildings, too. Residents are now seeing an increase in rat-related activity, from taking over their gardens to searching through their trash. And even though we can’t say with absolute certainty that these issues have caused the increased rat activity, it is plausible. Whether it’s the building or lack of readily available food, one thing is for certain, residents will need to work a little harder to protect their property.

A rat in your home or business is an unwelcome sight and can be quite unsettling. From damaging buildings, to contaminating food, and spreading disease — discovering a rat problem is a major concern. There are steps homeowners and business owners can take to prevent rats and other nuisance wildlife from taking over. “Removing food and water sources is a great start to deter rats from entering your home or business,” Ding wall explained. “But, to protect your home or business, points of entry will need to be sealed to prevent possible infestations.”

Although trees, shrubs, ivy, and other aspects of landscaping can add to curb appeal, they can also act as a way for rats to access homes and other structures. But you can still have these visually appealing landscape touches, without running the risk of rats moving in. Instead of removing trees, trim the limbs back from the roof and power-lines. Installing metal tree trunk guards around the base can act as an additional way to discourage rats from climbing. Ivy and climbing vines can look great, but also act as a way for rats to climb the side of a building. Instead of letting the vines creep along the building, install a trellis for the plant that is far enough from the structure, so it won’t be of interest.

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