Incorporating Audio Content Into Marketing | Sonic Branding Report Launched

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Voices, a global marketplace for voice talent, has released a new report featuring strategies on how businesses can incorporate audio content into their marketing plans.

This latest release is in line with the company’s commitment to helping business owners understand the power of audio and how it can reflect their brand as much as their visual advertisements do.

The full report is available at

Clients can now learn how audio and, specifically, the sound of the human voice can enhance the authenticity of the marketing message a business sends out into the world.

Featured in the report are insights by various proponents of audio branding, which they shared with Voices CEO David Ciccarelli.

Robb Hecht, a virtual adjunct professor of marketing at Baruch College in New York City, explains that brands need to have an identifiable audio tool to use in podcasts or audio apps so that listeners quickly understand who is sending the message.

The CEO of Different SEO, Richard Garvey, says that podcasts are currently the best type of audio content. He emphasizes that “a catchy, unique sound will ‘burn’ a brand into the minds of the target audience” since music and sound are so closely related to memory and emotions.

Roy Morejon, president and co-founder of Enventys Partners, goes even further with his comparison of a brand’s sound with a movie’s music. Movies rely heavily on music to alert the audience to an impending disaster or a happy event, and he says that brands can set their tone in much the same way.

As a real-world example, Mr. Ciccarelli cited Mastercard as a company that changed its marketing because of the large percentage of purchases that were being made via audio-based platforms, such as podcasts and apps like Clubhouse.

Due to the importance of being intentional about a company’s sound, Voices has been refining its sonic branding and created its own sonic logo. The Voices audio logo uses the human voice embellished with synthetic layers that represent the company’s foundation in technology.

Mr. Cicarelli states, “We love to help other brands with their audio content. Our professional voice actors come from 160 countries and speak over 100 languages, making Voices the go-to destination for sourcing voice-over for your next audio project.”

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