Inbox Insight Releases Free Report: The Holy Grail of B2B Marketing Segmentation

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Inbox Insight has released a new B2B research report on B2B Marketing Segmentation. Download now at

Inbox Insight has released a free report titled: “The Holy Grail of B2B Marketing Segmentation“. This report aims to explore how businesses worldwide are approaching segmentation in their B2B marketing strategies. It also aims to identify some of the best tried and tested segmentation approaches to avoid poor conversion rates, low ROI and missed opportunities.

Full of first party insights from research among the senior marketing professionals in the IFP marketing community, the report provides marketers with a snapshot of how different seniorities within different industries are utilizing segmentation to meet goals and exceed expectations.

Providing a thorough exploration of common pain points, segmentation fundamentals and telling B2B insights – along with a handy DMU planner to plot your target decision making unit – it is a great resource to benchmark your own segmentation approach against.

The report has been made openly available to B2B marketing professionals and anyone else with an interest in how marketers are approaching B2B marketing segmentation.

It was also written with a specific focus on how segmenting your audience has become the foundation for digital marketing success (including account-based marketing) for the drive in ROI and enhanced target account list (TAL) it can produce. Contributor to the report, Amie Lovell, believes “obtaining the right data to accurately segment your target audience is critical. However, clients who are taking this a step further are seeing an increase in performance.”

When asked about why they released the report at this time, Ross Howard, Head of Product at Inbox Insight said: “We are seeing a clear focus on accurate segmentation from clients, however there is still opportunity for clients to develop their segmentation further. Most B2B marketers can develop their target account lists to include more of the best fit accounts from their ideal customer profile (ICP). Using sophisticated digital technologies through AI and natural language processing (NLP), B2B marketers are able to identify their true total addressable market (TAM) specific to their brand.”

He continues….. “Additionally, developing the approach to the decision-making unit (DMU) has, in our experience, seen a significant increase in ROI, driving deeper segmentation and connections around authority level and position in the marketing funnel. Therefore the “right data” is not only the right accounts, but the right approach in achieving results against that target segment.”

Interested parties can find the report ready to download, for free, here.

Inbox Insight was founded in 2010 and is a B2B demand generation specialist within the B2B digital marketing industry. It is best known for enabling brands across the globe to reach the right decision makers within their target accounts and engage them through a series of tailored multi-channel strategies.

Its unique position within its industry gives it the authority to produce such a report as all research was conducted among senior B2B marketing professionals within the Insights for Professionals (IFP) community, providing unique first party insights.

IFP is a centralized knowledge platform, bringing together professionals from a wide range of sectors and disciplines, all with the common goals of knowledge acceleration and professional development.

If you are a senior digital marketing professional looking for an instant snapshot into how your top performing peers are leveraging B2B marketing segmentation to enhance performance, then this report could be a valuable asset to you.

More information on Inbox Insight can be found at

The Report “The Holy Grail of B2B Marketing Segmentation” can be downloaded now on the Inbox Insight website.

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