Inbox Insight launch ‘Science of Demand Generation’: Master Audience Mapping

How can marketers today enhance their demand generation strategies and take their approach to the next level? Inbox Insight held an informative webinar on B2B demand generation and for a limited time, B2B marketers can view the webinar for free on the Inbox Insight website.

How can marketers today enhance their demand generation strategies and take their approach to the next level?

B2B marketers interested in learning more about the challenges of B2B demand generation can view an exclusive webinar on advanced targeting strategies, for free on the Inbox Insight website.

One of the key aims of the webinar is to explore the decision making unit and how decisions are made within organizations – and importantly, how this impacts targeting strategies from a marketers perspective.

In addition to answering questions about advanced targeting strategies for B2B marketing, Inbox Insight also explore account-based marketing and intent data strategies during the webinar. The full agenda of this informative webinar includes:

Account Based Marketing: What strategy to choose when leveraging account-based marketing, how to plan out your approach and the tactics other senior B2B marketers are focusing on today: One-to-One, One-to-Few, or One-to-Many.

Intent Data: The 5 types of intent data every B2B marketer should know about and how this will help them better understand their customers and in-market prospect. These are comprised of search intent, browsing intent, action intent, firmographic intent and predictive intent.

Don’t miss The Science of Demand Generation – a must-watch for enhancing your approach to demand generation.

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For more information and to register for free access to the full video, interested B2B marketers should visit the website or request access here.

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