In Sink Drain Protector And Hair Strainer Product Design Recognition Announced

A company based in New York announces the recent inclusion of their revolutionary bathroom sink drain protector among the finalists for an award recognizing product design excellence.

New York company Juka Innovations Corporation announces the recent selection of its product SinkShroom Ultra as one of the finalists at the 2020 GIA Awards for Excellence in Product Design. The revolutionary bathroom sink drain protector was among the five chosen for the Cleaning category.

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The recent announcement recognizes the product’s unique build that sets it apart from ordinary sink filters. Unlike the regular plugs on the market today, the SinkShroom fits inside and not over the drain. This allows the device to neatly collect any type of human or pet hair without impeding water flow.

The innovative strainer is designed to fit standard-sized sink drains, but by default, it also comes with adapters for other drain sizes. That means that aside from the 1.25 inch adapter, the package also has a 1-inch adapter for smaller drains and a 1.5-inch adapter for bigger ones.

As the product is effective at preventing drain clogging, it helps homeowners save money that would have been spent on plumber visits. The SinkShroom also eliminates the need to use snake drains that yield inconsistent results, as well as harsh chemical-based drain cleaners that can have severe effects on the environment.

Homeowners can also rest assured that the drain protector will serve them for a very long time, especially the Ultra version. Made of stainless steel, the new strainer is resistant to mildew, mold, and rust. It can also fit a wider range of drains, including those that do not have cross bars.

Juka Innovations Corporation is the company behind the Shroom family of products. Collectively, their patented design is now providing protection to more than three million drains. Their drain strainers have also received over 15,000 positive reviews from satisfied customers.

One such review reads, “I absolutely love this. I had the original SinkShroom and it worked great but this one works even better! The stainless steel material makes cleaning it so much easier and enhances the overall functionality. It really does catch all the hairs and does the job of protecting my drain. It also looks good in my sink…”

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The SinkShroom Ultra is also now available on Amazon, accessible at

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