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Dr. Thomas Sharon and his staff at In Good Health PC will conduct a wholistic evaluation of people`s existing and potential health problems including remote vital signs and blood pressure.

They take your Vital Signs and Blood Pressure by scanning your face with your cellphone camera. They listen carefully to your questions and concerns. The providers at In Good Health PC work with their patients together as a team. Dr Sharon has become an expert in treating Covid syndrome. During the last fourteen months he has treated more than 3,000 patients with respiratory disease and they all had improved outcomes.

Dr. Sharon has done extensive research reviews regarding the appropriate treatment of Covid-positive people and their findings were astonishing. The National ŰInstitue of Health (NIH) has published treatment guidelines for Covid-19 infected patients in the hospital, but there have been no guidelines for outpatient treatment. Dr. Sharon has stated “The Covid virus passes into the human cell and deposits RNA (genetic garbage) into the cell and atteches to the human DNA. After the immune system destroys the virus it begins to attack the respiratory system with overwhelming inflamation. Thus the viral infection morphs into an autoimkmune disease because of the remaining genetic signature. This is called the Cytokine storm, which can result in respiratory failure and death if not treated properly with steroids and other medications”

The symptoms of Covid-19 related cytokine storm:

1.Constant cough

2.Chest congestion

3.Chest pain with deep breaths

4.Cough productive of yellow or green sputum

5.Severe headache

6.Shortness of breath


8.Severe lung and throat inflammation

9.Loss of taste and/or smell

10.Intestinal symptoms

11.Runny and/or stuffy nose

12.Sore throat

With such data, primary care providers can effectively lower Cytokine levels and prevent critical illness and death with the medications listed below..

Albuteral and Budesonide via nebulizer

Oral steroid tablets


Antihistemine and decongestant

Throat lozenges

Cough supressant


Dr. Sharon`s contact inormation:

Office Phone: 702-522-6108

Cell Phone: 702-209-5648

Dr. Sharon and his staff will also evaluate the patients` risk of complications such as:

Blood clots and pulmonary embolism

Vitamin D depletion



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