In-Bottle Wine Aerator, Bottle Opener, Wine Saver Vacuum Pump Gift Set Launched

Gourmetics Kitchens launched a new wine accessories kit with an opener, aerator, wine saver pump with sealers and an ice bag. The set is designed to be a practical gift idea, or a handy set of accessories for every day use, for all wine enthusiasts.

Gourmetics, an online store specializing in home and kitchen products, launched a new wine accessories kit in its Gourmetics Kitchens line. Featuring a bottle opener, wine aerator, wine saver vacuum pump, six reusable sealers and an ice bag, the kit is ideal for anyone looking for a unique gift for wine enthusiasts or for those interested in an easy to use wine kit for regular use.

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The new kit comes with an efficient in-bottle aerator allowing users to pour their wine without worrying about containing messy wine drops that continue to drip through the larger type of hand-held aerators that have to be held over the wine glass while pouring wine through them. The new Gourmetics Kitchens in-bottle aerator is held securely in the neck of the wine bottle, and it will stay there while pouring multiple glasses of wine, thus eliminating the worry of dealing with messy wine dripping from an aerator between each glass of wine being poured.

The aerator features an efficient two-part design to create a regular air flow into an air intake chamber and then through the wine as it is being poured, highlighting the natural taste of the wine and improving its qualities.

Another important accessory is the wine saver vacuum pump, allowing users to keep their wine fresh for up to seven days after the bottle has been opened. The kit comes with six reusable sealers to provide users with an efficient means to preserve up to six opened bottles of wine at the same time.

All purchases are covered by Gourmetics Kitchens’ no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

The latest launch is part of the e-store’s efforts to provide practical home and kitchen products at affordable prices.

A satisfied customer said: “I bought this kit looking for second aerator to have on hand and much to my surprise I found this aerator to be better than my main one! It made a real difference in the taste. The kit also came with a wine saver pump and six lids that did actually extend the life of the wine. It’s a really nice kit and makes for a good gift if you know someone who likes wine.”

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