IMX News – Immutable X Crypto Token/NFT Marketplace Development Site Launched

IMX Scout, a new, reliable news source for all things related to the Immutable X token, has launched, publishing news for investors and developers interested in the project.

The new site publishes stories specifically related to the Immutable X project, a carbon-neutral NFT platform that does not charge gas fees. Other reports on the site focus on the movement of IMX, the native token of the Immutable X network.

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Since the IMX project is so new, it can be difficult to find reliable information about it online, which is why IMX Scout has been established. The site will compile IMX news as well as publish various other news from the crypto industry, especially from the NFT sector.

While many people in the crypto community are very excited about the recent rise in the popularity of NFTs, critics of the industry point to a massive environmental impact posed by the verification process used by many exchanges. This is a major barrier to the mainstream acceptance of NFTs, and in many ways, the race is on to solve this problem before further damage is done.

The IMX project seeks to solve the environmental impact problem by compressing the information needed for transfer of value before the asset ever gets onto the Ethereum network, the blockchain that IMX is built on. This process has allowed IMX to reduce its carbon footprint by a stunning amount, a reduction of over 1000% vs. a basic Ethereum-based transfer.

Many people find the prospect of low-emission NFT trading to be incredibly exciting, especially since it will reduce the cost of gas fees, or the fees paid per-transfer, which are incurred regardless of the cost of the asset. IMX charges 0 gas fees, making them a very desirable alternative to the basic ETH transfer, which can cost as much as $40 per transfer.

IMX Scout understands the value of this project and seeks to inform, while also fostering the growth of a caring community who will carry this project forward. By providing a specialized news source for this particular project, they ensure that the community can get the latest project updates from an unbiased source.

The stories published on IMX Scout are tailored to the investor looking to add IMX to their portfolio. As all good traders know, confidence in the project supersedes hype, and confidence is exactly what this site is meant to create.

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