IMSC Rapid Mailer GetResponse Autoresponder Price Cost Comparison Video Released

A new video reveals why many autoresponder services in common use could be costing businesses and leave them vulnerable and shows businesses how to set up multiple systems with better deliverability.

Chris Munch has released a special video detailing why many autoresponder services have such poor deliverability and revealing the real cost of services like GetResponse when the email delivery rate is low.

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Email marketing is still a primary marketing channel for most businesses employing any type of online marketing strategies but the email marketing field and autoresponder services in particular are becoming more and more problematic for many businesses.

Munchweb owner Chris Munch observed over the past 18 months the decline in email delivery rates for businesses and marketers using major autoresponder services like GetResponse and Aweber.

Munch had developed his own autoresponder system with multiple providers and redundancies to ensure maximum email delivery and maximum security if one provider or even two providers started to have problems.

Concerned about the lost revenue many businesses were experiencing from decreasing email delivery rates of the major providers Munch decided he would share his insights in creating a more robust autoresponder system with the general public with a newly released video.

The video goes into detail on the key reasons many autoresponder services are struggling to get emails through ISPs and also outlines alternatives that are less costly, more effective and have far greater security for the user. Munch explains why redundancy is so important for email marketing and details multiple ways to achieve that redundancy in the new video.

Other important topics are covered in the video including the value of being able to automatically email a list whenever a blog post is made and the importance of being able to use multiple platforms for the actual delivery of emails.

The video also reveals why users who are happy with their current email autoresponder should set up a redundancy with one of these other systems to ensure a backup in the case of a problem, cancellation by the service or other failures which are so common in the field.

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