Improved Tree Service Leads Service Launched

A marketing agency for the U.S. tree service industry announces 5 major improvements in both the volume and quality of the tree service leads it provides to clients.

After an extensive review of its live phone calls offering,, a green industry-only marketing agency (Agency), today announces five (5) major enhancements to its tree service leads service for U.S. tree service businesses.

Their review reveals that clients still appreciate the exclusive nature of the tree job leads provided to them. The overall quality of the live calls sent their way is also valued. However, some clients express a preference to up-weight leads for specific services. Tree trimming leads, tree removal leads and stump grinding leads are mentioned as examples by several of the Agency’s clients.

Other clients want a faster initial growth in lead volumes at the beginning of the working relationship. A small minority of clients also express a desire for personal coaching on how to boost conversion rates from leads received to paid jobs.

Consequently, the tree service leads generated by have been significantly improved. In response to both client feedback and also technical campaign data from the past year, the following 5 service enhancement have been implemented and introduced:

1. Greater Focus on Tree Removal Leads and Tree Trimming Leads. The campaigns are now structured so that clients can select which type of tree service lead they require. This flexibility is now achieved by weaving in additional, powerful mobile advertising platforms to the campaign mix such as YouTube. This tactic builds volume in niche-specific areas of tree service.

2. Boosting Volumes of Tree Job Leads. Learning’s have been carefully collated from all client campaigns and changes made accordingly. One online advertisement can generate leads at levels very different to another. By comparing and understanding the best-performing promotional campaigns, our clients can now benefit from more effective campaigns and greater numbers of calls. A side benefit for new clients is that there is now a faster initial growth in the volumes of live calls when starting out with the Agency.

3. Improving Conversion Rates From Live Calls To Paid Work. Pure tree service leads can be problematic on occasion. Say a caller remembers some tree work by Johnny’s Tree Service in the past. Johnny’s telephone number is out of order so the inquirer goes online and looks for his business. She sees our advertisement instead and contacts our client. This is despite there being absolutely no mention of Johnny and very clear branding for our client’s business name in the ad. Some clients are confused, even dismayed, by such calls. So guides its clients on what to say to this type of caller. As a consequence, clients can now secure more opportunities to estimate for the required tree work. Their overall conversion rate – from initial call to paid work – rises as a consequence.

4. Enhancing Tree Service Lead Quality To New Levels. agency has always been proud of its reputation for great call quality. This is because all telemarketing and sales calls and other uninvited inbound callers are blocked before ever reaching our clients. Any non-qualified calls that do slip through occasionally can be challenged by clients. Now the Agency has made it easier and faster to challenge irrelevant calls for non tree services, for example. This new, mobile text-based functionality is part of the new ‘back office’ system provided free to the Agency’s tree service clients.

5. A New, More Powerful ‘Back Office’ Call-Monitoring System. Clients can now access a more client-friendly, web-enabled system to monitor the performance of their tree service lead campaigns. Recorded calls (with due notice provided to each caller) are accessible to each client for complete transparency of the leads service. Individual call recording examples are used to guide where each client’s business can improve call-answering techniques. This benefits their conversion rates to paid work and so their business income climbs.

The Agency anticipated higher levels of tree service business this year. In June 2020, Agency reported that tree service businesses would lead the post-COVID economic recovery following a quantitative survey of both clients and non-clients. Whilst the pandemic is still very much present,’s survey report and predictions for the year were sound. The expected higher demand has driven the Agency to invest in providing even more tree service leads to clients.

2020 has so far been a great year for the tree service industry. The Agency’s conversations with clients confirm that 2020 has been the best year ever for many tree firms. In fact, Google Trends shows a clear uptick in the number of ‘tree service’ searches and, by inference, demand for help with tree problems. The summer peak has been higher than ever this year and has extended deep into fall. Overall, national search and phone call inquiries for tree services are up approximately 20% compared to 2019.

With construction activity broadly flat year-on-year, increased home-owner demand is thought to be behind the bumper year for the tree industry.

John Hackwood, CEO of added: “Our service improvement review reinforces our belief that tree service leads should not be seen solely as numbers on a spreadsheet. Leads are real people who are trying to find the best company to solve their tree problem at a reasonable price.”

John Hackwood added: “I personally ensure that I listen to every call recording generated by my Agency’s bespoke lead generation campaigns. It’s clear that since March this year, many home-owners are spending more time at home looking at their trees more often. This explains why more are searching for tree services this year.”

About is a lead generation agency that only serves the US tree service industry. It specializes in using a unique cocktail of digital marketing techniques proven to drive live telephone calls directly to tree service owners. The Agency does this without intervening between caller and client, ensuring greater immediacy of each sales lead. Its clients enjoy highly-qualified tree work inquiries from prospects in their specific, local service areas.

The Agency’s Tree Service Leads are explained in more detail here:

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