Imported Towing Vehicle American Pickups Left-Hand Drive Mirror-Image Conversion

With over 35 years of experience to back it up, Maracoonda Automotive has carved a well-deserved niche as Australia’s top choice for mirror-image conversions.

Maracoonda Automotive: Australia’s top choice for imported towing vehicles.

Horseboxes, boats, and mobile homes are among the items that Australians, with their love of the outdoors and the open road love. But towing compliance is a serious consideration. US-made pickups have the muscle it takes to turn towing into a breeze, but mirror-image conversions require technical know-how you won’t find just anywhere. With over 35 years of experience to back it up, Maracoonda Automotive has carved a well-deserved niche as Australia’s top choice for mirror-image conversions.

“It’s not for the fainthearted,” says Anne Anderson, who began her automotive career getting her hands dirty on the workshop floor and who now co-directs the specialised family business. “This is a very regulated industry with regular audits from the Federal Office of Road Safety,” she notes. “Our rural location may lead people to think that everything we do is laid back and easy, but that’s definitely not the case.”

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With such a unique business offering and its well-deserved reputation for quality conversions, Maracoonda Automotive is happy with its remote location. There’s no need for glass-fronted premises and high-powered sales tactics. “People come to us because Maracoonda offers what they’re already looking for,” says Anderson. For the client that is serious about making a purchase, it is not an issue of price but a question of quality and design.”

By retaining full control over the entire conversion process which is done completely ‘in-house’, Maracoonda is able to offer the high-quality mirror-image conversions of powerful towing vehicles that ensure full legal compliance and absolute reliability. “It’s all done here, under one roof,” explains Anderson.

And while the price point is not among its clients’ priorities, Maracoonda conversion retains a high resale value. “One of our clients recently reported that he was able to resell his towing vehicle from Maracoonda for only $30k less than purchase price after clocking 100,000km,” says Anderson.

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Why Australians choose Maracoonda.

Anderson is the first to admit that Maracoonda, while unusual, is not the only firm offering converted imports. However, she maintains that the quality of its workmanship, the range of vehicles offered, and the after-sales service Maracoonda provides sets the company apart from its competitors. “Maracoonda Automotive offers its 3-year warranty with confidence. And, if for any reasons a client needs to claim against it, we provide all the technical backup they need to get back on the road again.”

Thanks to its sterling reputation for perfect mirror-image conversions, Maracoonda attracts new customers, but many of them become old friends, returning when they’re ready for the next adventure on the road with a new workhorse to power it. Even the authorities recognise Maracoonda’s work. The company has “Full Volume Compliance” status and maintains it by regular government audits. “Very few companies are able to obtain Full Volume Compliance,” says Anderson, “But it assures our clients that their towing vehicle from Maracoonda is in line with the highest safety standards.”

For more information visit Maracoonda Automotive | American Pickup Truck Imports Queensland website or call Ann and her team of experts on 07 5496 7773.

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