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Maracoonda Automotive is the leading choice for those seeking powerful towing vehicles imported from the US and adapted to meet Australian driving conditions and regulatory requirements.

Top 5 Australian horse riding destinations that Maracoonda clients love.

Maracoonda Automotive is the leading choice for those seeking powerful towing vehicles imported from the US and adapted to meet Australian driving conditions and regulatory requirements. Many of its clients, says Ann Anderson, co-owner of Maracoonda, hope to take horse floats on the road, visiting Australian destinations where fresh air and horseback-riding freedom are the orders of the day.

With after-sales customer care high on the agenda, Ann often knows where Maracoonda’s mirror-image conversions will travel – the routes they will follow and the destinations that first spurred them to choose a Maracoonda conversion as the ideal vehicle for leisure travel with a horse float in tow.

“They know that their vehicle will comply with Australian road safety regulations, offering them safe, comfortable, and trouble-free travel,” she explains. “The high-tech driver assistance and safety features included in American imports like FORD and RAM trucks are among the best the world has to offer, and with a Maracoonda conversion, they know that they will receive the ultimate in after-sales service and customer care.”

Of course, each client has his or her preferred activities and journeys to undertake, but the horse-riding community that has given Maracoonda’s imported vehicles the thumbs up can easily be found at Australia’s top horse-riding destinations. Those hoping to see a Maracoonda conversion in action should look out for them in these horse-riding hotspots.

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Snowy Mountains New South Wales: While the Snowy Mountains area in New South Wales offers a variety of day rides in the beautiful mountain scenery, the real horse-riding enthusiasts will number the multi-day horse treks as being among the finest horseback adventures anyone could ever dream of. Sightings of wild horses (brumbies) will be among the highlights, but the scenic beauty and the freedom of wide-open spaces is what draws riders to this part of the world.

Some of the routes are accessed from rough roads – a challenge for underpowered vehicles even without a horse float to contend with, but Anne says that Maracoonda’s towing vehicles are built to take just about anything in their stride. However, she warns that the horse float itself could be the weakest link.

“Choose a horse float that is designed for rough terrain for a journey that minimises stress on drivers and their animals.” she warns.

Sunshine Coast Hinterland: With seaside and maritime activities highest on the agenda, and many of Maracoonda’s towing vehicles drawing boat trailers, the horse-riding opportunities can nevertheless not be overlooked. Apart from romantic coastal rides on beautiful beaches, a short journey inland takes those seeking equine adventures into an area known for its single and multi-day horse trails where varied scenery including farmlands and beautiful wilderness areas add interest to the journey.

Thanks to its proximity to major centres, and the ease with which adventurous horse trails can be accessed, Maracoonda conversions can often be seen on local roads.

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Victoria’s High Country: Though a considerable distance from Maracoonda Automotive’s Morayfield home base, Victoria has its share of imported conversions. “Our business may not be unique, but it is one of the very few in Australia able to perform full mirror-image conversions. It is not only Maracoonda that stands by its quality, but also its clients, and the fact that orders for our vehicles come from all over the country is proof of that,” says Anne.

Thanks to its proximity to Melbourne and the availability of horse trails that take in some of the area’s most beautiful scenery, the High Country is a popular destination for equestrian activities. “It’s a scenic area,” says Anne, “so it’s a big drawcard for those exploring the country’s horse-riding adventures.”

Horses and the workhorses that get them there.

The centuries in which horses were our primary means of transport are in the past, but the magic remains. Apart from the riding experience, there is the relationship between people and their animals, and owning a horse brings joy to many families.

Getting their equine friends to the destinations where they long to ride need not be a challenge when a Maracoonda truck is the workhorse that does the job, says Anne. “Our clients need reliability, power, and endurance from their towing vehicles, and our business provides them with what they need to enjoy the country’s top horse- riding destinations.”

For more information visit Maracoonda Automotive | American Pickup Truck Imports Queensland website or call Ann and her team of experts on 07 5496 7773.

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