Impact Windows Miami: Deciding Between Hurricane Windows And Shutters

When it comes to hurricane protection there are basically 3 options, impact windows, storm shutter or plywood. Consumers need to know the pros and cons of each so that they can make an informed decision.

Miami, United States – /PressCable/ — The main purpose of impact resistant windows is to protect individuals, houses or commercial buildings from the devastating damages that can come about from hurricanes. Studies have shown that more homeowners are considering hurricane windows, but one of the main questions on the minds of consumers when starting to do research, is whether or not the storm resistant windows are a better form of storm protection when compared to hurricane shutters.The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hurricane ShuttersStorm shutters do have their advantages and probably the most notable one is that they are a not as expensive as the top quality hurricane proof windows. And during a hurricane they will definitely protect the building from flying debris and high winds. There are also some disadvantages to shutters that consumers need to be aware of as well, such as, when they are closed or installed, they do not allow any light to enter the building. “If they are not installed properly, where they are not securely fastened to the frame or building, then they could actually come loose in a tropical storm and expose the glass windows and sliding glass doors, which would leave a home or office vulnerable to wind-borne objects and high wind speeds,” says Mario Thomas of Vision Exteriors.The Pros & Cons of Storm Tight WindowsThese windows are proven to be shatterproof, even in some of the worst storms and unlike shutters, they cannot be torn from buildings and the windows allow sunlight to enter the building, while still offering the best hurricane protection for homeowners and business owners alike. Other benefits of storm windows include harmful ultraviolet ray protection for furniture, flooring and other belongings. Outside noise reduction features which are great for homes that are close to busy highways, train tracks or the airport. These types of windows make homes energy efficient which will help to reduce monthly electricity bill.Research has shown that there is a complaint or disadvantage that most consumers find with these storm proof windows and that is the cost. The prices are typically higher than what most people would spend on purchasing accordion shutters or shutter panels. Homeowners and business owners who are interested in getting new impact doors or windows are invited to visit the website to learn more.

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