Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale: How These Hurricane Windows Can Increase Property Value

There are a lot of advantages to investing in impact windows and doors that are built with impact glass and heavy duty frames. Homeowners and business owners can enjoy these savings year after year.


Whether or not homeowners are thinking about selling a home in the near future or even considering a refinance for that matter, consumers will be happy to know that buying and installing impact windows and doors, will help to increase the value of a house or commercial building.

Each year, homeowners consider several different home improvement projects that they can do to improve the house and increase the re-sale value, such as painting or remodeling, but most homeowners overlook replacement windows such as impact resistant windows as they don't fully understand all of the benefits of these hurricane windows.

“Now, while all home renovation projects will add to the value of a house, hurricane proof windows can actually give consumers a return on investment, whether or not the property is for sale,” says Chris Brown from The Window Experts.

Here's how storm tight windows can increase the value of real estate:

Improves the look – First and foremost, impact doors and windows will improve the aesthetic appeal of the house or commercial building, these storm proof windows are available in all the same designs and styles as traditional windows and they can be custom ordered as well.

Improved insulation – that means the building will become more energy efficient once the storm windows are installed. So homeowners can expect reduced electricity bills each month as the interior of the home will maintain the desired temperature for longer periods of time and as a result, the air conditioning unit will work a lot less to keep the building cooler or warmer. The average homeowner will see up to a 40% reduction in their monthly energy costs.

Insurance premium discounts – many insurance companies are giving homeowners up to 50% discount on their premiums, as by installing high impact windows, the risk is being reduced for the insurance provider, not just from hurricanes but also from burglaries.

Consumers are welcomed to visit the website to learn more about the benefits or to get a free estimate on replacement windows and doors in Fort Lauderdale.


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