Imobisoft Lifts the Lid on Cloud Technology & Cloud Migration Services

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Imobisoft Lifts the Lid on Cloud Technology & Cloud Migration Services & the Benefits that Comes From Using Them

With cloud technology usage now on the rise, more and more businesses are beginning to talk about switching to the cloud, or being ‘cloud ready’. Today, Imobisoft took time to speak about its cloud migration services—which are readily available to businesses—and provided more insight about the cloud and its benefits.

The term ‘cloud’ is a technology buzzword that doesn’t have anything to do with actual clouds in the sky. It does, however, consist of an array of servers that play host to databases, software, and applications that are accessible via an internet connection.

Cloud technology isn’t a new concept. It already plays a huge role in the everyday lives of ordinary people. The easiest examples of cloud technology are Netflix and social media, as both platforms are hosted and served through the internet. One of the primary benefits of using cloud computing is that data centers can provide an extraordinary amount of computing power and data storage at a much cheaper cost.

When the term ‘cloud migration’ is used, it refers to the entire process behind the transfer of data, or applications, to a cloud computing environment. An example of this is either migrating from a local server to an on-premise infrastructure or from another cloud platform already being used.

Imobisoft’s cloud migration service comes with an array of benefits to businesses. Not only does the service take a deep dive into clients’ existing data and application structures, but it also helps to map the relationships between both of these workflows. The company then breaks down any existing structural inefficiencies and works with the business to develop a cloud-first approach.

As part of its service, Imobisoft offers planning, implementation, optimisation, and monitoring, all of which helps business owners assess their company needs. The team works with employees and any third-party vendors involved with the transition of data and applications. It can even help build new APIs if required, and implement any agreed security structures.

Interested business owners who want to learn more about cloud migration and Imobisoft’s services are encouraged to check out the following link:

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