Immune Booster/Cellular Health Chewable Tablets Best Natural Supplement Launched

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McMillion Mercantile has launched a new health and vitality supplement to fight immune dysfunction, improve gut health, and suppress the inflammatory response.

Cell-a-Brate, the newest in the company’s line of immune health products, has been formulated by a team of health experts to maximize immune health and protective capabilities against chronic disease. The new product expands McMillion Mercantile’s range of all-natural health products.

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As the pandemic continues to affect people worldwide, bolstering immune health has become a top priority for many. Some solutions to this problem, though, do not cover the full range of required nutrients, or tackle only a single aspect of the problem. To fill this niche, Cell-a-Brate has been developed from a variety of natural ingredients, chosen to not only actively assist the body in fighting disease, but also proactively strengthen it to prevent illness in the first place.

The supplement includes several kinds of “living” foods, including manuka honey. These foods contain probiotics that gently assist the body without causing resistance to healthy gut bacteria.

The new product also contains a variety of extracts, all of which have been extensively studied and proven to help with healing and vitality. Among them is Prolain, a highly bioavailable compound derived from beetroot, known to be a potent antioxidant as well as being a supporter of cognitive health and development.

Used in tandem with a balanced diet, these supplements can replenish essential nutrients and help cleanse the body of unnatural toxins. More information on the Cell-a-Brate supplement can be found at

A satisfied user of Cell-a-Brate had this to say about their experience: “The chewables taste so good and my 90 year-old-grandmother, who hates pills, loves them. I feel better already knowing that we’re taking action to keep our systems strong.”

About McMillion Mercantile

McMillion Mercantile is a health and wellness company founded by Shirley McMillion, whose family legacy of entrepreneurship and promoting a healthier lifestyle is continued to this day. The products Shirley promotes are chosen for their quality and ability to help others.

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