Immigration to Canada on Work Permit and Visa Applications Updated

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Y-Axis has claimed that Canada would be welcoming a number of Immigrants through 2024.

The agency, which provides personal one-to-one migration counseling to roughly 50,000 individuals every month, has updated its Canada immigration services for 2022 in light of new immigration laws, higher targets, and more efficient processes already in place.

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Y-Axis is accredited by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC)and British Council, now can streamline visa applications to Canada, for study, work, and permanent residency. The latest initiative offers applicants a comprehensive assistance program for gaining entry and securing residency in Canada.

Welcoming new immigrants in 2022:

Canada expects to take in more than 400,000 new immigrants in 2022, a higher level than Canada has ever targeted before.

Y-Axis indicates that the government is considering an additional increase to Canada’s immigration levels, as immigration is a key component of Canada’s long-term economic strategy. According to studies conducted, the number of job vacancies has increased by over 70% in Canada and close to 900,000 positions remain unfilled.

Express entry draws 2022:

Y-Axis will now work with applicants to take advantage of proposed amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act – IRPR. As the company explains, while Express Entry draws have continued throughout the pandemic, in 2021, they were restricted to candidates in either the Canadian Experience Class or Provincial Nominee Programs. However, anticipated amendments will prioritize the selection of Express Entry candidates who better meet Canada’s labor market needs.

Timeframe for obtaining a work permit in 2022:

Furthermore, the company can now expedite work permit applications. According to Y-Axis reports, by the end of 2022, Canada aims to process at least 80 percent of work permit applications submitted outside Canada within 60 days or less. For International Experience Canada – IEC – applicants, the standard is to process all applications within 56 days or less.

Study Visa and Family sponsorship:

Y-Axis manages both study visa and spousal sponsorship applications. For study visa applications submitted outside Canada, over 80 percent of applications should be processed within 60 days. For applications submitted inside Canada, the standard application processing window is 120 days.

Spouse, common-law, and dependent children seeking permanent residence in 2022 can expect to have their applications processed within 12 months or less.

Canada has indeed stepped up to the challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is indeed up to immigrants to make the most of the situation.

“Our core competence is career counseling. People approach us with a dream that they have nurtured all their lives, while some come with their last hopes for a brighter future pinned on us,” says Clint Khan, Director of Y-Axis Middle East.

Canada is a great place for immigrants to settle in and start a new life. One could be part of a country that is considered one of the best countries in the world for immigration and also for being happy.

If one is looking to Work, Study, Invest, Visit, or Migrate to Canada, talk to Y-Axis, the World’s No. 1 Immigration & Visa Company.

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