IM Social Messenger 2017 Ronald Gaines Boost Engagement Marketing Kit Launched

Ronald Gaines has launched a new piece of software to help people harness the power of social media to get more leads, visitors and sales. It can replicate popular social media message visuals to boost engagement.

A new marketing tool has launched that helps businesses to harness the power of social media to attract new leads, get more visitors, and sell products and services. Called IM Social Messenger, it was created by Ronald Gaines to help people to improve their business, regardless of the niche they’re working in.

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Social media sites are quickly becoming the most used platforms online, with Facebook leading the way. It has over 1.8 bullion monthly active users, which amounts to a 17% increase year over year. Many of these come from mobile, with 1.15 bullion mobile users.

This impact has been seen on a global level, with other sites rushing to accommodate Facebook synergies. The like and share buttons are viewed across over 10 million websites on a daily basis. The platform has become too big to ignore, especially when the most common age demographic is aged from 25 to 34, which is the prime target for many businesses.

In addition to that, Twitter accounts for over 1.3 billion accounts, with over 83% of the world’s leaders using the platform and 80% of users making use of the service on mobile. The mobile nature of social media can be beneficial to businesses, because for a long time mobile messaging has been the most engaging form of marketing, and social media represents the next step.

With IM Social Messenger, businesses and individuals can replicate the messaging system from numerous social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, along with WhatsApp, and Blackberry Messenger.

This means that when visitors check out a site owner’s page, they can be sent messages that make it look like their friends are getting in touch. As such, there is a high chance they will click on the link provided, so businesses can promote their products and services in a direct, tailored, and measurable way.

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