IM Checklist V30 Kevin Fahey Instagram Social Media Marketing 2020 Launched

An innovative Instagram marketing program created by Kevin Fahey had been launched. It is called the IM Checklist V30 and provides a clear path for internet marketers to succeed on Instagram.

Kevin Fahey has launched the IM Checklist V30. It serves as a road map for internet marketers who want to master Instagram marketing. He states that internet marketers who use this program can flood their websites, funnels, and offers with traffic and leads.

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Kevin developed the IM Checklist to help internet marketers make money using Instagram. Over one-third of Instagram users have used the platform to purchase a product online. That represents over 333 million Instagram users who have used the app to make a purchase.

Instagram as a social media marketing platform is a powerful tool but most internet marketers do not have a viable plan to make it work for them and end up wasting their time. Kevin put together the IM Checklist where he shares the ultimate set of Instagram marketing strategies that enable internet marketers to turn their Instagram profile into traffic, leads, and a sales-generating machine.

IM Checklist is a series of 18 actual steps called ‘checklists’ that provide a road map for internet marketers to achieve success marketing on Instagram. This includes optimizing an Instagram profile, creating a call-to-action, switching profiles to a business status, unique brand hashtag creation, using Instagram tools, posting product teasers, and more.

Users may instantly create top-quality, professional, lead magnets, blog posts, and emails. The checklists may be turned into a video course, webinar presentation, and used as bonuses for affiliate promotions. Further, internet marketers can re-brand, modify, or re-purpose these checklists in any way.

Dominic Anderton, a PLR internet marketer shared, “These checklists have been a great asset in helping me set up my first launch, ensuring that I didn’t miss any steps under a tight time constraint. I highly recommend these checklists.”

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