IM Broadcast School Reviews Anik Singal’s Publish Academy

IM Broadcast School provides an objective, unbiased critique of Publish Academy, as well as its own insights for consumers within the digital publishing market. The full review can be found at

A well regarded authority site about working from home “IM Broadcast School“, has finally released their review of Publish Academy, and now welcomes comments from its readers and other thought leaders in the Home Business arena.

Publish Academy is a new digital publishing course by Anik Singal and IM Broadcast School’s review covers the key points of the offering.

For example, how the digital publishing course “Publish Academy” delivers the benefit of step by step and simple to follow instructions to start a home based business in digital publishing. Another core focus of the review is how the weekly live training sessions will likely please buyers as it also provides the additional benefit of being able to get on live call with some of the biggest online entrepreneurs.

The creator, Anik Singal is a world renowned online entrepreneur, CEO of Lurn, and founder of VSS Mind. On top of that he has been named one of top 3 Young Entrepreneurs by BusinessWeek and twice as an Inc 500 CEO.

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Derek Denert, Co-Creator at IM Broadcast School, says:

“We’re aiming for this review to stand as a flagship for consumers in the digital publishing and home business market, as we provide an objective, unbiased look at how well Publish Academy delivers on its promises.”

They go on to say:

“At IM Broadcast School we strive to provide our readers and online marketing consumers with assistance to decide which product is right for them, so that everyone is honest and upfront from the start.

With so many people interested in a digital publishing course like this, there is an appropriate level of commotion and occasionally confusion within the market. IM Broadcast School aims to step in with their own class of review, and hopes to shed some light on the newest product by Anik Singal

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