Illustrated Colorful Bible Stories for Christian Families With Children Launched

A new illustrated Bible story collection has been launched by Bible In Stories. This makes Bible stories more accessible to children and allows for easier Bible and family devotional times.

A new Bible story collection has been launched by Bible In Stories, with the aim of helping children to better understand the Bible and its messages. It uses colorful illustrations and engaging design to help children find answers, understand the Bible’s teachings, and remember more of its passages.

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Bible In Stories is now offering over 400 Bible stories that teach and inspire across multiple volumes. These feature over 1,500 full color memory pictures, and also come with 1,400+ review and application questions designed to maximize active recall and revision. Parents will benefit from the index, which includes 599 topics allowing readers to easily find the subjects they’re interested in.

Each of the three volumes features easy-to-read print, which makes the stories more accessible to younger readers. However, they are also designed for adults to enjoy, so all can benefit from the illustrated and colorful stories. Families can read the stories together to share family devotional times and develop a love of reading.

Customers can build strong spiritual habits in their children when they encourage them to read the Bible. This builds a solid foundation for their development as they grow. Children can learn spirituality by reading about the lives of Biblical characters, and learn the primary lessons of their faith.

Additionally, stories from the Bible allow children to build their conscience. Children who read and understand Bible stories are more likely to become aware of their surroundings in a social sense, while also understanding the impact their own actions can have. Bible lessons can also teach children how to handle their day-to-day problems more comfortably.

A recent happy customer said: “Family devotions were an important part of my family growing up, and I have great memories of those times. I want my kids to have the same memories and even greater. We remember and learn by pictures and we are completely confident in the accuracy of the Bible In Stories. It presents so many stories that our other Bible storybooks did not.”

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