Illustrated Cat Lovers Planner Notepad – Funny Birthday Gift For Women Launched

WG Wholesale Inc is announcing the launch of its novelty cat-themed notebook planner. The Cat Lover’s To-Do List Notepad is 6 x 9 inches and comes with 50 pages sectioned into various categories to optimize the organization of daily tasks.

The launch of The Cat Lover’s To-Do List is intended for women, cat moms, and anyone who enjoys cat-themed products. Each notepad comes with tear-off undated pages that can be used at any time of the year. The Season 4 Sparkles cat-themed to-do list notepads make an ideal choice for Christmas gifts, birthdays, and any gift-giving occasion.

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Many people like to stay organized by listing the tasks they need to complete each day. The new Cat Lover’s To-Do List Notepad provides a fun and effective way of keeping track of all daily tasks and other reminder notes. Printed in bright colors and featuring cute cartoon cats, the notepads offer a fun way to begin each day for cat lovers and anyone that appreciates lighthearted ways of keeping on top of daily musts.

According to the national pet owners survey, over 31 million households include at least one pet cat. Studies reveal that of all the animals in the world, cats are number one when it comes to human-animal bonding. Interaction with cats not only lowers blood pressure but also releases dopamine and serotonin, both of which regulate mood and reduce stress.

The Cat Lover’s To-Do List Notepad can result in similar reactions. With graphic designs in light blues and cyan, and cartoon cat cameos at the top, sides, and bottom of each page, the notepad pages offer a mood-boosting way of preparing for each day.

Each tear-off page is divided into sections headlined with whimsical cat puns and designed to simplify shopping lists, reminders, messages, and notes. The top of the page features a daily gratitude section and at the bottom, checkboxes that help individuals keep up with their dietary water and greens intake.

A spokesperson says, “Shopping for cat gifts for cat lovers? These cat lover to-do notepads are the perfect gift for all cat parents. They’re great for Christmas, birthdays, and any time gifts are part of a special occasion.”

With the launch of their Cat Lover’s To-Do List Notepad, WG Wholesale Inc is making it easy to stock up on novelty gift items cat lovers and anyone who likes to stay organized will appreciate and enjoy.

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