Illinois Remodeling Experts Waldron Construction now Offering Water Filtration

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Poor quality water is a serious issue in Illinois and Wisconsin. Waldron Construction can solve this problem with its water filtration and reverse osmosis services.

Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for Illinois and Wisconsin homes to suffer from poor quality water. This can range from being discolored to smelly like sulfur and everywhere in between. Or even worse. The good news is that a solution to these issues isn’t difficult to find. Extremely well regarded local, family-owned construction company specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, Waldron Construction recently announced they are offering professional, high-quality water filtration and reverse osmosis services. These systems can help ensure quality water at home that is healthy, safe to drink, bathe in, and will help protect your water fixtures from damage over time. A wide range of options are available to best meet client needs and budgets. The enthusiasm surrounding the new service is relatively high.

“Our water filtration systems are a great investment for your family and your home,” commented the owner of the company. “Teaming up with Marlo means we can provide the highest quality water filtration systems to our clients while still providing the highest quality service that we are known for! We all deserve high-quality water!”

For many homes, and even whole communities, water quality has degraded to the point where even the media has covered it extensively. Sometimes this can be tasted or felt on the skin when bathing or showering. In other, frequent, circumstances these water quality problems could even be hidden until a professional, like Waldron Construction, tests the water for an accurate idea of what the home’s needs may be in the area, if any. For Waldron, they are not only focused on construction and remodeling but also on helping clients maintain their homes and stay healthy. For that, clean, high-quality water is a top priority.

According to the company, Waldron Construction is an official dealer for fellow locals, Marlo Incorporated. Marlo offers an extensive line of water filtration and treatment equipment that uses the latest technology to provide residential homes with the highest quality water possible. Highlights include Reverse Osmosis for drinking water, which uses a five-stage process to make sure the water is ideal and healthy for consumption; top quality water softeners for more comfortable showers, baths, and healthier skin; and Clear Flow systems that have been proven to remove iron from water, something which can be quite harmful to people’s health. All of these products require minimal or no need for maintenance.

Systems currently offered by Waldron Construction include the Marlo 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System, the Marlo CMP Custom Series Water Softener, Klear Flo-II System, also from Marlo, and Oxidizer 10″ or 12″. These products are widely regarded as among the top in the industry while still keeping affordable price tags.

Other services provided by the Antioch-based construction professionals cover a wide range of home improvement needs like being a Pella dealer for doors and windows, basement finishing, bathroom finishing, custom millwork, commercial construction, decks and patios, general contracting, kitchen remodels, specialty flooring, custom closets, and much more. A quick call can get many questions answered about any potential projects.

The company’s team has over 75 years of combined experience. Reviews have continued to point to Waldron as the most trusted construction company in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

The early feedback from Waldron Constuction’s water filtration services has been entirely positive.

Sharon C recently said in a five-star review, “I noticed that in my new home, there was lots of white powdery stuff and spotting on my fixtures and sinks and yellowing in my toilets and sink… I called Waldron Construction to see what my options were. I was pleasantly surprised that they did not try to sell me a big fancy system or rip out anything that was functional and certainly glad that they didn’t even suggest starting a major construction project for something that could be rectified easily. Instead, they suggested that we take a water sample and see if it was just the quality of the water that was the problem. It turns out all I needed was a water treatment system. In times like this, it’s certainly nice that we have a company that is looking out for the customer instead of trying to make the most money.”

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