IL First-Time Rental Property Real Estate Investor Education Course Launched

Renatus, a firm specializing in investment and education, has launched an online course for novice real-estate investors in the residential and commercial market of Illinois, USA.

Renatus, an education and investment company with a key focus on commercial and residential real estate, has launched an online training course for those interested in investing in the Illinois property market. Classes are led by practitioner instructors with industry expertise.

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Renatus has launched its new course in response to an increase in demand for easier access into the Illinois commercial and residential property market. The class will provide students with key information on investment and rentals and guide them toward setting up their own businesses.

Prospective real estate investors are often discouraged by their lack of knowledge in standard industry practices and laws. Often, this makes them hesitant to invest and may cause them to delay their entry into the market or choose a riskier investment.

Renatus’s course guides prospective investors through the investment opportunity identification process, including searching for, screening, and retaining tenants, decorating and furnishing the property, and optimizing investment financing through rent-to-own contracts.

Legal requirements related to Illinois real estate are also covered in the course to ensure adequate compliance. This topic is addressed through checklists and discussions of real-world scenarios. For example, the course discusses fair housing and discrimination laws and provides checklists on real estate licenses and legal certification to rent a property.

Newcomers to the real estate market often face strong competition and may struggle to find suitable renters. For this reason, instruction is also provided on marketing techniques aimed at getting a property rented, such as marketing-focused property photography and online exposure.

A company spokesperson said: “The course walks you through several real tenant/owner scenarios to cement your new understanding and help you conduct real interviews that create win-win situations for everyone involved.”

This course, which is held in a live digital environment, is aimed at investors with little to no experience in the real estate industry.

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