IINNOVATE Philadelphia, coffee-table book of city’s leading innovators, out now

INNOVATE Philadelphia, a 350-page coffee-table book showcasing the top innovators in the City of Brotherly and Sisterly Love, has made its debut. INNOVATE Philadelphia spotlights over 150 standouts in Philadelphia’s leading and growing industries.

INNOVATE Philadelphia, a 350-page coffee-table book showcasing the top innovators in the City of Brotherly and Sisterly Love, has made its debut. A hybrid of modern-technology marvels and hard-copy charm, INNOVATE Philadelphia is AR-video-enabled, allowing readers to scan images throughout the book to bring its pages—that is, the city’s most innovative organizations and thought leaders—to life.

INNOVATE Philadelphia spotlights over 150 standouts in Philadelphia’s leading and growing industries. By partnering with sponsor organizations like Thomas Jefferson University, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, LEADERSHIP Philadelphia, the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Visit Philadelphia, and the African-American Chamber of Commerce, INNOVATE Philadelphia captures the innovation blueprint of the Birthplace of America.

A project of Global Village Publishing, INNOVATE Philadelphia contains stories about people and companies who are carefully selected through a combination of research and nominations; those featured do not pay for inclusion. Major participants include Jefferson University, Brinker Capital, UHS of Delaware, InstaMed, and Pennsylvania Care Associates. Futura Mobility, the Cosmo DeNicola Companies, Guardian Nurses, Finpay, West Pharmaceutical Services, Clutch Inc., PECO Energy, and Levlane can also be found in INNOVATE Philadelphia’s pages.

“The innovations coming out of Philadelphia have really blown us away,” says Callie Van Graan, COO of Global Village Publishing. “It really is the Workshop of the World, and we’re proud to be the ones to showcase the city as a whole with this book.”

INNOVATE Philadelphia’s chapters represent the wide variety of innovation across industries that the City of Brotherly & Sisterly Love can boast. The book kicks off with a collection of Thought Leader pieces written by some of Philadephia’s rockstars of innovation—like Stephen K. Klasko of Jefferson University; Cosmo DeNicola of the Cosmo DeNicola Companies; Geoff Gross of Medical Guardian; Andrew C. Kassner of Drinker Biddle & Reath; Jane Scaccetti of Drucker & Scacetti; Manik Arora of Arora Engineers; Sue Daugherty of MANNA; Tom Kulzer and Hope Bear of AWeber; Lance Bachmann of 1SEO; Liz Weir of Levlane Advertising; Liz Dow of LEADERSHIP Philadelphia; David Neff of Neff Associates; Howard Lubert of Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic; Paul Lima of Lima Consulting Group; and Bill Marvin of InstaMed.

Subsequent chapters include social innovations; all facets of the healthcare and technology industries; marketing and advertising firms; HR agencies; and accelerators and incubators like DreamIt Ventures, which has helped nearly 300 companies find their feet. DreamIt startups like Fellow, a medication-management system; Keriton Kare, an end-to-end platform for managing hospitals’ breastmilk supplies; and Group K Diagnostics, which offers instant and foolproof diagnostic cards, are also featured.

Many companies included in the book are behemoths of their industries and have been trailblazers for decades. Bryn Mawr Trust was established in 1889 but leads its industry today. Day & Zimmerman, founded in 1901, is a leader in its field of construction.

Companies featured within INNOVATE Philadelphia chapters are as varied as the book’s chapters. There’s Recovery Centers of America, which makes addiction treatment insurance-friendly and sustainable, and Cave Tools, which creates high-quality, intuitive, and quirky accessories for grillmasters.

Other INNOVATE Philadelphia chapters include Retail & Product Innovations—like Five Below, whose entire stock is under $5 and geared toward pre-teens; Sport & Wellness—including Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyers’ mascot who “broke the internet”; Social Innovations, including Read by 4th, which supports children’s right to learn to read; and Specialized Marketing Services like Magnum Group, which helps companies navigate and communicate across different languages and cultures as they scale globally.

INNOVATE Philadelphia is the latest edition in the INNOVATE series, which captures the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems of cities around the world. What makes the series unique is that it is not a pay-to-play model; participants must first be nominated and interviewed by a publishing partner before they are accepted into the books’ pages.

“With every INNOVATE book, we’re trying to celebrate everyone who makes a city awesome,” CEO Sven Boermeester says. “We take our research process seriously, and everyone who goes into the book was judged and found to be amazing.”

Once selected, participants worked with INNOVATE’s in-house production team to create their stories, including an AR video “canvas.” Readers scan different images to watch AR versions of companies’ videos, adding value to participants in INNOVATE Philadelphia. Simultaneously, in a digital age, the timelessness of a book solidifies participants’ legacies.

Sven Boermeester, CEO and Founder of Global Village Publishing, an avid traveler, first conceived of creating tech-enabled coffee-table books as a way to celebrate the different cities he traveled to. Born in Antwerp and raised in South Africa, Boermeester opened his first media company upon completing his business studies in Cape Town and since then has published over 183 INNOVATE and “Best Of” editions across 60 countries.

Carel “Callie” Van Graan, Global Village Publishing’s COO, possesses a similar wanderlust. As a serial entrepreneur with deep experience in marketing, branding, and logistics—and having traveled the world with his family—Van Graan is well-suited to bringing the INNOVATE series into being.

“Many people believe that Innovation only describes the discovery or invention of major new technologies—but in truth, Innovation is every little advancement in any field that is making things easier, cheaper, more efficient, more accessible, or better,” Van Graan says. “From the smallest change in systems to the invention of a flying car—Innovation is everywhere around us, and we need to celebrate and support it.”

INNOVATE Philadelphia is available through Amazon and on the Innovations of the World website.


Global Village Publishing produces high-end, tech-enabled coffee-table books that feature cities around the world. Its series include INNOVATE—which celebrates the innovators and innovation enablers that make a city awesome—and the BEST OF series, each book a snapshot of the people, places, and businesses of different global locales. By teaming up with publishing partners on the ground in the cities featured, and by ditching the pay-to-play publication model, Global Village Publishing captures the ecosystem of a place and sees the world as an ever-growing tribe of entrepreneurs, colleagues, and friends. Learn more at globalvillage.world.

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