iFeeltech Introduces Online Tool to Conveniently Calculate IT Support Cost

iFeeltech has launched an online IT Support cost calculator to help clients instantly compare pricing options.

iFeeltech Inc., the Miami-based IT support company, has launched a web-based price calculator in its continuing commitment to provide faster and more accessible services to its prospective and current clients.

The IT services cost calculator, available at https://ifeeltech.com/tech-support-cost-calculator is a simple to use yet highly beneficial tool that prospective customers can use to estimate how much they would have to pay for various IT services and products. The cost calculator is designed to provide estimates for both service contracts billed per service package and hourly-charged Pay-As-You-Go billing methods.

“iFeeltech is a small business IT company that has always been at the forefront of simplifying its approach to tech support and serving clients in a transparent manner. As such, the price calculator tool was developed to help current, and future customers find out as much information about service options and how much it would cost as possible before contacting the company” said Nandor Katai, the founder of iFeeltech. “The goal of this tool is to help clients make the right decision by knowing how much they could save on IT support without making a call” He added.

The IT services cost estimation tool runs on any browser and prompts the user to provide some basic information including how many computers or staff members they have, and the critical business applications their businesses are running.

To improve the accuracy of the calculator, the user can also provide networking information including the type of network they have and whether they use an in-house exchange or file server, how many remote locations are in place, and what type of cloud services, if any, the business uses.

The cost calculator may be a simple tool, but it returns invaluable guiding figures for those looking to save time and money when figuring out the cost of IT services. The numbers are calculated based on the historical averages of how much 100 clients spent on tech support over a 10-year period. The estimate may vary from the actual cost depending on specific requirements and is meant to be a general guide.

For accurate and personalized IT support cost estimates, current clients and prospective customers can contact iFeeltech and speak to a customer service agent by sending them a message at https://ifeeltech.com/ , an email at info@ifeeltech.com or giving them a call on 1-305-741-4601.

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