IEM Announces Two 54 Inch Retractable Belt Feeders Sold To A North American Shipyard

IEM manufacturers custom belt feeders and custom apron feeders. IEM will offer their knowledge and asses all variables in manufacturing bulk material handling equipment to its intended production outcome. For more information view IEM's website -

Serving the marine and port sectors for a number of years, Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Ltd, IEM, has recently sold its two newest 54 “ Retractable Belt Feeder for one to one of Vancouver’s shipyards which provides marine-related services in Western North America. With decades of experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing top-quality equipment, IEM is one of the most accomplished companies supplying custom-engineered bulk material handling equipment. 

Information About IEM

IEM is a leading global supplier of bulk material handling equipment IEM is known for its engineering and manufacturing expertise. IEM clients can access years of detailed knowledge of various applications, in all formations and conditions.

IEM services industries such as: mining, marine and port facilities, forestry, aggregates, agriculture and pulp and paper industries.

Regardless of the type of application required, clients rely on the highest standard of world-class belt feeders, apron feeders mining conveyors, and bulk material handling conveyors. Only the finest most rugged and efficient equipment is manufactured for the end user.

Belt feeder specialist, Victor Santisteban states, “We enjoy taking on technical projects that require a high level of experience and knowledge. When other manufacturers are not interested, we are! The success of IEM comes from design expertise. We offer more than 40 years of collective experience to provide design solutions that produce results.”  

Victor Santisteban also adds, “Whether you require greater design assistance, have a question, or perhaps have a new consideration for us to take into account, we will be there, easily accessible and easy to talk with.

Company & Product Description 

IEM specializes in providing high-capacity, reliable belt feeders. They are custom manufactured to the exact specifications and function. They are the primary feed unit for most crushing, screening and wash circuits. IEM belt feeders are the best choice for moving material out of hoppers and bins.

IEM meets the client’s specific needs by providing unparalleled flexibility and versatility in the manufacturing of the belt feeder. IEM belt feeders are custom designed for specific requirements, and conditions, and are capable of being mounted in various positions to suit the needs of the mining operations. The belt feeder is built to withstand the wear and tear brought on by snow, rain, ice and wind. IEM takes pride in the durability of  their belt feeders. Their  products are designed to handle many different types of materials. If  clients require close volume control of sand and gravel or fine and dry materials, they will find that IEM belt feeders are capable and reliable. If clients require a belt feeder that can manage exceptionally hot, large and lumpy, or light and fluffy material, IEM belt feeders can be manufactured to meet those needs, as well.

IEM places strong emphasis on the company’s foundation of knowledgeable and experience staff. From the designers to our project managers, the team members have extensive experience with both the production process and the importance of clear communication.

When clients place an order for a  belt feeder, IEM  begins the task by putting the client  in touch with one of their project managers. The project manager will start by asking specific questions to ascertain the project’s particular needs. IEM believes that this initial phase brings to the surface previously unknown risks or concerns. By uncovering these concerns early in the project manufacturing cycle, IEM’s product process will ensure that all the detailed engineering requirements are fulfilled. IEM manufactures bulk material handling equipment that exceed clients expectations.

IEM is able to ensure that the belt feeder is manufactured with the utmost consideration for all of their client’s needs. From that stage, the project manager continues his work by maintaining ongoing communication between the client  and the project team.

Belt Feeder Features Heavy duty steel frames

Up to 108? (2740 mm) wide belts

VFD drive with speed reducers or Hagglunds shaft-mounted hydraulic drive

Head shaft has pillow blocks with split housings

Tail shaft bearings, adapter sleeves, and Taconite seals are mounted in IEM hydraulic take-ups

Bearings are all double row spherical roller

Hydraulic take-up assist with manual (or powered) power unit

Primary belt cleaner and V-plow standard

Engineered class head and tail pulleys

Hourglass belt roller side guides are included

Pullcord switches both sides

Speed sensor on tailshaft

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