IEM Announces The Release Of Their New Responsive Website

IEM’s main focus is designing and manufacturing custom belt feeders and custom apron feeders. IEM offers their knowledge and experience in manufacturing equipment which produces results.

IEM’s responsive website is designed to help project managers and engineers access bulk material handling equipment data on mobile devices.


Jordan MacDonald, Business Development and VP of Marketing states, “We developed our new responsive website for our clients. Our site provides in-depth information about our bulk material handling equipment product line. ” He also adds, “More than ever, our clients are using mobile devices in the field, and we want to make sure they can access all our website information clearly and quickly.”


IEM is a global manufacturer and supplier of bulk material handling equipment. They’re known to provide solutions for the most challenging bulk material handling applications.

Apron feeders have worked with materials such as gold, coal, potash, copper, diamond, lead, molybdenum, nickel, and zinc.

Belt feeders have worked with materials such as aluminum, bauxite, coal, copper, diamonds, gold, lead, limestone, molybdenum, and zinc.

IEM services the mining, marine, forestry, aggregates, agriculture, pulp, and paper industries.


IEM’s dedicated engineers have been manufacturing apron feeder solutions and belt feeder solutions for over 4 decades. The company’s team of engineers offers their unique knowledge and expertise on all projects, assisting clients throughout all developmental stages. If needed, clients can request a complete engineering inquiry which includes failure analysis, real-time testing, and performance measurements. If the client is a designer, then they’ll appreciate IEM’s design suggestions. Their production team quickly adapts to each clients specific needs. From the client’s mere product sketch, to a 3-D model, to production, IEM’s engineering department will provide a wide spectrum of creative assistance. Each project has a dedicated project manager assigned to address the client’s specific needs. IEM consults with their clients on every stage of production. Their project manager begins by asking specific questions to determine the client’s needs. In the initial phase, their engineers and project managers bring attention to any risks or concerns. By discovering these risks early, they’re able to ensure a successful outcome Their project manager then maintains ongoing communication between the client, the engineer team, and the project team. In order to exceed the client’s expectations, the project manager and the engineering team collaborate on every project. Clients can rely on their engineering knowledge, technical support, and logistics. On every project the company implements a “hands-on” approach. Their team helps their clients develop equipment which exceed their expectations. In addition, their philosophy of taking on challenging bulk material handling applications makes IEM one of the top leaders in the industry.

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