Identifying Sings Of Mold Surprising Facts for Home Owners

TermiGuard Services & Fenwick​ has published its latest article covering identifying sings of mold in your home, which is aimed primarily at Home Owners. The article is available for viewing in full at

An article covering the subject of ‘mold removal, and toxic mold in U.S. homes’ entitled ‘Watch Out for These 4 Signs of Mold’ has now been released and published by TermiGuard Services & Fenwick an authority website in the mold removal and mold remediation industry. The article brings to light fascinating information, and especially for people who are serious about the health and safety of their loved ones. Home owners and anybody else who’s interested in identifying sings of toxic mold can read the entire article at…

Because most people don’t believe this problem will affect them, perhaps one of the most interesting, or relevant pieces of information to home owners, which is included within the article, is that 98% of basements in the U.S. will suffer from some type of water damage during their lifetime.

The article has been written by Glenda Anderson, who wanted to use this article to bring particular attention to the subject of identifying sings of mold in the home. They feel they may have done this best in the following extract:

‘The old saying “out of sight, out of mind,” and just as it relates to most things in life, this old adage applies to toxic mold. Ignoring even the most subtle toxic mold symptoms can lead to a long list of health complications.’

TermiGuard Services & Fenwick now welcomes comments and questions from readers, in relation to the article. Glenda Anderson, basement waterproofing representative at TermiGuard Services & Fenwick has made a point of saying regular interaction with the readers is so critical to running the site because it helps them by showing how to identify signs of toxic mold that can easily be identified.

In discussing the article itself and its development, Glenda Anderson said:

“The article gives four simple signs anyone can use to keep from suffering from the terrible health problems caused by toxic mold. Use these tips and share with family and friends to make sure toxic mold is not present in any home.”

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