Ideal for New Year’s Fitness Resolutions — Fitness Program Based on Body Types

In time for the new year, fitness expert and bestselling author Edward Jackowski, Ph.D. offers his proven, medically-sound workout regimen, with a focus on four body types. For more than 30 years, Jackowski and his team have helped thousands achieve peak fitness results.

(NEW YORK, NY – December 20, 2017) Over the years, the annual the ritual of declaring New Year’s resolutions – once a cause for great optimism – has instead become a predictable recipe for disappointment and frustration for millions of Americans, especially when it comes to their desire to get in better shape. Fitness expert Edward J. Jackowski, Ph.D., has some great news for those who have still not given up on their quest to lose weight, feel more energetic every day, and simply like what they see in the mirror. He offers a genuine “medical prescription for fitness” that is scientifically sound and tailored to each individual – an approach to fitness that has consistently delivered great results for tens of thousands of people over the past three decades.

For more than 30 years, Edward J. Jackowski, Ph.D. has shown clients (and those who have benefitted from his books and instructional DVDs, or worked with a member of his Exude Fitness team — — in person or via Skype video) an approach to fitness that quickly and consistently delivers great results. As millions of Americans focus on various New Year’s resolutions – whether that’s to finally lose unsightly cellulite, find the energy to keep up with active children, or simply feel more attractive – Jackowski has the solution that will make resolutions like these attainable.

This is not just a bold claim. It’s backed up by science. Recently, an independent study at Louisiana State University’s well-respected Department of Preventive Medicine put Jackowski’s approach to the test. LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center compared Jackowski’s patented body type program to the federal government’s 2008 guidelines for physical fitness. These guidelines, as recommended by the guild of America’s College of Sports Medicine, focus on safety, efficiency and effectiveness in improving individual health and fitness – and the results of the study were remarkable. Jackowski’s patented approach to fitness is the only exercise regimen to meet or exceed the federal guidelines.

Gym Memberships Up … and So Is Obesity

This scientific validation of Edward Jackowski’s approach to fitness comes just as the nation’s worsening obesity epidemic grows worse than ever, despite signs that more Americans than ever apparently have a desire to get in better shape, if they only knew how! More American adults are paying for gym memberships than ever before – more than 54 million people, according to the most recent research. This research also finds that an estimated 27 million people make use of their gym membership at least 100 times during the year – yet it’s unlikely that they are getting the maximum benefit from this time investment, Jackowski says, simply because most people don’t know the right way to work out.

Exercising By Body Type: Hourglass, Spoon, Ruler & Cone [trademarked]

At the heart of Edward Jackowski’s “prescription for fitness” is his unique, patented assessment of body types — Hourglass, Spoon, Ruler, or Cone. With this in mind, and through his medically proven, trademarked approach, Jackowski’s clients find that they can achieve measurable results within 30 days, sometimes in as little as two weeks. (These four body type descriptions, as used in a fitness regimen, are trademarked by Edward Jackowski.) . To make it even easier to reach their fitness goals, most of the exercises he recommends for those in each body type category can be done at home without the need for expensive fitness equipment. Having worked with thousands of clients and heard the grateful praise of those who have read his books or worked with his DVD’s, it is clear that when an individual exercises appropriately according to their body type, they can (and do) achieve remarkable results. In fact, even those who visit the gym several times every week and engage in other athletic activity find that it’s impossible to truly achieve a peak level of physical fitness unless they exercise according to their body type.

Jackowski says that without an understanding of this important information, it’s impossible to achieve a true level of fitness – and most people are confused. “We’re substituting activity for fitness,” he says, “and they are not one and the same. In order to lose weight, it’s necessary to maintain the proper intensity and the percentage of aerobic versus anaerobic exercise. Most people ‘think’ they are working out properly, but are actually taking action that is counter-productive.”

Topics for Discussion

In interviews, Jackowski is available to discuss:

· Whether it’s really possible to get into great physical shape in a matter of weeks (Yes, it is!)

· How women who are self-conscious about cellulite and other problem-areas can reclaim their body

· How to quickly achieve the aesthetic benefits of fitness, to find the inspiration to stick with an enjoyable fitness program

About Edward J. Jackowski, Ph.D.

Edward Jackowski, Ph.D., is a successful coach, entrepreneur, inventor and author – and CEO and founder of Exude Fitness, based in New York City, the nation’s largest motivational and one-on-one fitness company. Since 1985, Jackowski has made an impact in the fitness industry through his proven, results-oriented principles. Jackowski is the author of seven books, including Hold It! You’re Exercising Wrong, and his best-selling Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder, and Escape Your Weight. In addition to serving as a contributing fitness consultant to AARP’s “Modern Maturity” magazine and “The New York Daily News.” Jackowski has been featured on CNN, “Entertainment Tonight,” “Extra” and ABC’s “The View.” He has also been featured in numerous national publications including “The New York Times,” “Vogue,” “SELF,” “Allure,” and many other magazines. In addition, he was included in “Entrepreneur” magazine’s prestigious annual “40 Under 40” feature.

Exude Fitness are also the fitness experts for Bliss49, in mid-town Manhattan and his body type training is available throughout the five boroughs, the tri-state and South Florida.

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