Ideal Cutz East Barbershop of West Palm Beach Florida Hires My USA Local

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My USA Local Marketing INC; has a vision of supporting local businesses. Before charging for services they provide FREE comprehensive report and insights to help increase awareness.

Ideal Cutz East, having experienced downside effects of COVID on their business in the Okeechobee area of West Palm Beach, was looking to survive.

Many similar local companies have shut down, unable to stay open without support, including several long standing community pillars that provided jobs in the area are now gone forever.

Realizing that getting the message out was just as important as the message, Ideal Cutz started looking for professionals to provide marketing services.

Some claimed they would manage social media for the company to provide search engine services, nothing clicked, no one asked the right question or showed they would produce actual results.

A trusted source referred Jakk to My USA Local who started out by asking questions like how many local people knew the special care and measures to protect and ensure the safety of clients taken by Ideal Cutz East?

My USA Local Marketing INC; also shared their vision of supporting local businesses like Jakk’s who have been negatively impacted by recent events.

Before charging for services they provided FREE help with a comprehensive report and insights into things the shop could take to themselves to increase awareness and online ranking.

While other companies and individuals wanted to sell Ideal Cutz “must have” services Riley of My USA provided several free to low cost options that could start producing results, making it a no brainer according to Jakk after a few weeks of help to continue with My USA Local for local marketing!

“One thing we learned from the free education and services provided was getting things in order before even starting promotion ensures you don’t waste your budget. For a local business like the one I manage, not throwing money away on things that don’t matter was very important!” – Jakk of Ideal Cutz

Local companies often spend money on PPC and even SEO targeting beyond the area or people they serve and because most owners or business managers are busy focusing on running the operation this financial drain can go on for years.

Knowing who your businesses ideal clients are allows your marketing and promotional material to speak to those clients and potential clients directly.

Ideal Cutz went from the look good feel good mantra to a more self explained message:

“The choice for High Value Men and clients seeking a quality upscale barbershop in West Palm Beach that specializes in punctual and precise haircuts for all hair types! Just book your spot and show up at your selected time, That’s all… The best Barbershop service provider in the area!” – Ideal Cutz East

Not having a website as the central hub for the business they had a professional inexpensive website within 4 days start to finish and online after approval. The site was able to highlight the barbershop and make other forms of marketing more powerful, even flyers that in the past just had an address and phone allows people to check out the shop and book directly.

Professionals would be educated on Jakk’s experience as a stylist and grooming specialist.

New clients would be able to see current clients like David’s experience with IDEAL CUTZ beforehand.

“Best shave I have ever had… haven’t shaved in 25 years due to sensitive skin problems Not once have I had a breakout! Jack takes his time and does it right every time. No razor burn and that makes me a happy camper. Thank you Jack, job well done!” – David

The community support has started also having a ripple effect on other local businesses in the area as well.

For more information on how My USA Local Marketing INC supports local companies or details about West Palm Beach Barbershop Idealcutz visit:

Phone: 561-530-4663

2824 Okeechobee Blvd, 3,

West Palm Beach, FL 334099

1521 Alton Road

Miami Beach, FL 33139

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