ICT Support for Schools – TNSC’s new service tailored for the education sector

ICT Support for Schools - TNSC's new service tailored for the education sector. More information here: https://www.tnsc.co.uk/ict-support-for-schools

The education sector has its own specific requirements and challenges that need to be taken into account when setting up ICT support for schools with one of the main requirements being the avoidance of downtime.

Downtime in an education system is similar to a business that sells products online, when it goes down there are major repercussions. This is the same with school systems, when their IT systems go down, the school has major problems. IT support for schools becomes ever more increasing as more and more schools become heavily reliant on technology to function. One of the main ways to prevent this from happening is to ensure the school system in question has the best software and support available in this current age, while also ensuring they have the most optimal support in place should there ever be a problem.

In comes TNSC Ltd (The Network Support Company Limited). They have went leaps and bounds ahead of their own services time and time again, with many high-profile case studies under their belt. TNSC’s mission is to provide all schools with reliable IT support. Speaking to Greg, the founder and managing director of TNSC, he explained: “We offer wide-reaching ICT services for schools rather than catering to only one specific area of the educations sector. This is because we believe every school should have access to support they can depend on, regardless of their status, size or budget.”

Their skills clearly show, too. Amazingly, TNSC managed to negotiate a whopping 40% reduction in one case studies internet connection charges while also migrating their bespoke website application to Sharepoint, once again removing the need for yet another expensive external contract.

From sourcing and installing the correct software, to maintaining your internet connectivity and security, TNSC provide 24/7 support and ICT equipment for schools. Everything you need to complete ICT infrastructure management.

If you’re a student, teacher or even IT worker at a school you believe could benefit from a modern-day networking revamp, then don’t look further, you can find more information about this companies service here: https://www.tnsc.co.uk/ict-support-for-schools

Alternatively you can view their website by clicking here: https://www.tnsc.co.uk/

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