ICT Support for Schools for The Education Sector Starts Now

TNSC Ltd announced the availability of their new ICT Support for Schools Service. More information can be found at https://www.tnsc.co.uk.

Customers looking for the latest ICT Support for Schools Service will now be able to get involved with TNSC Ltd. Today Vicki Watson, Head of Marketing at TNSC Ltd releases details of the new ICT Support for Schools Service’s development.

The ICT Support for Schools Service is designed to appeal specifically to the education sector and includes:

Software Packages – This feature was included because it provides specific requirements and challenges that are taken into account with tailored ICT support. This is great news for the consumer as the packages are reliable and suit the education sectors unique requirements.

Education Equipment – This was made part of the service, since it will massively improve the customer’s ability to make use of their equipment. Customers who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because it takes into account the devices that don’t normally feature in the commercial sector, such as interactive whiteboards and projectors.

Reliable IT Support – TNSC Ltd made sure to make this part of the ICT Support for Schools Service’s development as it is wide-reaching rather than catering to only one specific area of the educations sector. Customers of the ICT Support for Schools Service will likely appreciate this because it provides them with access to support they can depend on, regardless of their status, size or budget.

More information on the ICT Support Services for schools can be found on: http://www.tnsc.co.uk/school-ict-support-services

Vicki Watson, when asked about the ICT Support for Schools Service said:

“We work with both state and independent schools and colleges, tailoring our services to fit your specific goals and needs. We understand that not every school is the same and work alongside you to make sure we’re delivering the best support for yours.”

This is the latest offering from TNSC Ltd and Vicki Watson is particularly excited about this launch because the team have the experience and knowledge to provide schools with clever solutions that’ll be both reliable and cost-effective.

Those interested in learning more about TNSC Ltd and their ICT Support for Schools Service scan do so on the website at https://www.tnsc.co.uk

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