ICT Support Company Now Provides School IT Services

ICT support company now provide specialist it support services for schools. More information can be found at: https://www.tnsc.co.uk/it-support-for-schools

IT support company TNSC Ltd are now providing exclusive IT support services for schools. Schools and those involved in the education sector will be pleased to hear of the companies unique tailored services which take into account all individual needs so they can provide the best possible service.

More information on the ICT support for school services can be found at: https://www.tnsc.co.uk/it-support-for-schools

When asked about their tailored plans and how they can provide a service that takes into consideration each and every school’s needs, TNSC Ltd said:

“Before anything else, we’ll get to know who our clients are and what they are all about. We’ll record theirr requirements, any IT problems they face and any limitations they may have to make sure we know what will be required from us. Our team of experienced employees will take into account the clients precise needs, working to create IT support that works just for them. We’ll adapt what we offer to ensure our customers are completely happy.”

TNSC Ltd have experience working in the education sector in particular with a well-known grammar school in the South of England. The school was becoming increasingly concerned at the cost and performance of its internal IT team and they felt they should explore other options, starting with an audit of their current network.

The ICT support company TNSC carried out an initial audit of the school systems, which – as expected – showed that things had been going downhill for a while and there were some issues that required urgent attention. A decision was taken to outsource the school’s IT management, with the twin objectives of improving performance and lowering costs.

Firstly, TNSC began by analysing the IT workload to see which admin tasks – historically carried out by the IT team – could be better carried out by non-IT staff. This reduced the IT workload whilst massively streamlining those admin tasks and related processes. The company were then able to focus on the core IT infrastructure, taking over support and maintenance from the external provider and thereby eliminating significant recurring charges. The company negotiated a 40% reduction in the school’s internet connection charges, and migrated their bespoke website application to Sharepoint, once again removing the need for an expensive external contract.

For more information on TNSC Ltd and their ict support services for schools please visit their website at: https://www.tnsc.co.uk/it-support-for-schools

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