iCoachSkating.com Announces Champion Achievement Charms in Online Store

iCoachSkating carries dozens of Champion Achievement Charms in its online store, providing acknowledgment and recognition for skaters of all levels. These charms make great figure skating gifts.

iCoachSkating.com, a provider of online figure skating training videos and an established leader in online education of figure skating coaches, adult figure skaters, skating parents, and youth skaters, has announced that it now carries Champion Achievement Charms in it’s online store.

iCoachSkating has been the leading provider of online figure skating instruction for more than a decade. The website was launched in 2008 and its figure skating video archive currently contains well over 1000 high-quality videos. iCoachSkating receives thousands of daily visitors to it’s website and social media properties.

Champion Achievement Charms are small medallions that acknowledge figure skaters for specific accomplishments during their skating development. Each of these figure skating charms has the name of a skating skill or other skating milestone embossed on one side. The charms are meant to be worn on a charm bracelet, but also can be worn or displayed in many other ways. These charms are the perfect gift for figure skaters.

Champion Achievement Charms are a new product developed by Sheila Thelen, the inventor of Champion Cords, a popular and well-known figure skating training aid for skaters. Ms. Thelen is also the founder and President of Champion Developmental Seminars, a company that specializes in customized figure skating seminars. Ms. Thelen said, “We’re thrilled to have iCoachSkating carrying our charms in their store. We’re excited to leverage their market reach as we bring this new product to the skating world.”

Equally excited, iCoachSkating Founder Trevor Laak explained the reasons for promoting Champion Achievement Charms. Mr. Laak noted, “These charms are one of the best figure skating gifts you can give. They provide lasting recognition for skills and accomplishments that otherwise would be quickly overlooked or forgotten.” Mr. Laak continued, “Until now, there really hasn’t been anything like this to help us acknowledge our skaters, or provide continued motivation for individual skill development.”

One of the underlying reasons that iCoachSkating is promoting these figure skating charms is they match up well with the video content that iCoachSkating is known for. Mr. Laak explains, “We provide hundreds and hundreds of videos on how to do specific skills in figure skating, and the charms provide a way to recognize skaters for mastering those very same skills. Champion Achievement Charms are a perfect fit for our store and a great figure skating gift.”

To learn more about iCoachSkating or Champion Achievement Charms, visit https://icoachskating.com/best-gift-ever-for-figure-skaters-figure-skating-gift/ today.

More About iCoachSkating.com

Founded in 2008, iCoachSkating.com has helped tens of thousands of figure skating coaches, adult figure skaters, figure skating parents, and youth figure skaters by providing cutting edge training techniques and information about how to figure skate and how to teach figure skating. The company’s mission statement is “to inspire a new era in figure skating education, based on updated information and ideals, so quality information is available to all skaters and coaches in a convenient and cost effective manner.” To learn more about iCoachSkating.com, you should call 888-677-2892 or visit them online at http://icoachskating.com.

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