iChimp Has Helped 12 Million Clients Fix Their iPhones, iPads & Apple Watches

iChimp is a tech company that, since 2011, has provided free online solutions for all Apple devices, offering troubleshooting guides for all iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch models.

Aberdeen, UK — iChimp, an Aberdeen based tech website, has now helped 12 million customers to overcome issues with their Apple devices. The business provides answers in the form of comprehensive guides to fix problems with iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and iPods, including steps customers can take to repair broken devices at home. Their guides range from how to fix iPhone email issues, to unlocking older 5th generation iPhones, to fixing devices that have liquid damage.

One of the best aspects of iChimp’s service is that their guides are completely free, which has no doubt contributed to the site’s success. Customers are charged nothing to download basic troubleshooting checklists to narrow down the issue they’re facing with their device, and then pick the right information for fixing the problem. Some of the most common issues iChimp help to fix include unlocking iPhone 6, What to do when you forget your passcode, how to extend your battery life, and unlocking the iCloud activation lock. They also offer advice about issues such as cracked screens, water damage and how to replace screens at home.

In addition to advising Apple customers about fixes to issues that may arise with an Apple Mobile Device, iChimp also offers a handy guide to all the features that come with the new operating system (iOS) that is used by the latest iPad, iPod and iPhone products.

iChimp began helping customers in 2011 when founder Kevin Craighead was searching online for a solution to a problem with his iPhone. After speaking with Apple techs, friends, IT consultants and searching the web to no avail, Craighead took matters into his own hands and posted a “How to” video about fixing an iOS issue that also worked with iPads and the iPod Touch. This led to the formation of iChimp.

Having a problem with a mobile device can be very frustrating – but with iChimp’s free guides this needn’t be a cause of stress. Their easy-to-understand solutions help to keep Apple products working at their optimum level.

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