iBOT Feature Film Tops China Film Market, With American Actor Will Roberts

The sci-fi movie iBOT released November 15th by iQiyi video, from the Hollywood 95 to the new China generation. Actress Ouyang Chunxiao as Vicky and actor Will Roberts as a Bond-style bad guy.

PressBrains introduces American Actor Will Roberts, in the new Feature Film “iBOT,” which currently tops the China Film Market.

In recent years, “artificial intelligence” has pushed its way into the collective conscience. Now, companion-type and functional robots appear in various fields to help human life and work.

“Robot” has become a hot word, and it appears in many movie and TV plots. The sci-fi movie “iBOT” was released on November 15th by iQiyi video, from the Hollywood 95 to the new generation of China. Actress Ouyang Chunxiao plays Vicky and American actor Will Roberts plays a Bond-style bad guy. Vicky the iBOT is a smart portable companion robot, but is it simple companionship, or a killing machine? It takes an intelligent robot to handle that choice.

In the film, a young man, Li Ling undergoes an event that both saves his life and threatens it. He wakes up in hospital but he has no memory. His father’s company partner, Mr. Han ( instagram.com/WillRobertsActor ), tells Li Ling that his father was shot by his own artificial intelligence robot Vicky. Li Ling leaves the hospital, and goes home to recuperate. He discovers secret clues left by his father. Then he follows the layer of clues to find the robot Vicky. Vicky had been buried in the snow in Alaska, having run out of power and with no memory card. As Li Ling tries to uncover the plots around his father’s murder, he is unexpectedly led to a murder.

“iBOT” is one of the few film projects recognized by the Hollywood Film Actors’ Union in Chinese movies. It is set in a future world that is more imaginative than the present. It contains a series of interesting characters including the fascinating robot Vijer, the handsome Ling, the lustful arms dealer Han – Will Roberts, and the sexy and vicious female agent Ni Na.

“iBOT” was produced by Chengdu Tang Dix Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., and exclusively published by Beijing Yicai Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Hollywood Hungry Panda Productions Inc (Hungry Panda Film Production Company – https://www.hungrypandaproductionsinc.com) assisted in filming and production. Tang Xueru producer Dmitry Kharchuk served as director and screenwriter, starring Ouyang Chunxiao, Will Roberts, Zhang Rujie, Yu Jian and Han Ayi.

American actor Will Roberts talked about his experience with this film and what the future holds for film and TV shot and produced outside of America.

Will Roberts said “This was an amazing union film that we shot in the USA, but from the beginning it was clear the company (Hungry Panda Film Production Company – https://www.hungrypandaproductionsinc.com) was very traditional in Chinese culture. The first thing we did on set was to bless the set and production. Not a bad way to start the production with good luck. Throughout the filming it was obvious that this film was going to break new ground and help catapult movies from China into the world. I was very happy to see this production was extremely professional and organized. I was also happy with the caliber of acting from my fellow actors. The director, Dmitry Kharchuk, is from Russia, a real actor’s director. He allowed me to try things and make suggestions. This confirms my theory that blockbuster film making is not just a Hollywood thing anymore!”

Learn more about Will Roberts at his website: ActorWillRoberts.com and instagram.com/WillRobertsActor

The promo trailer can be viewed at this link: http://m.iqiyi.com/v_19rr2rohnw.html

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