i3-Technologies Mention How Interactive Whiteboards Improve Overall Test Scores

Interactive Whiteboards and Other Technologies Improve Overall Test Scores, Read On to Find Out More

Today, i3-Technologies decided to shed some light on how interactive screens in schools can improve both the curriculum and student test scores. Once upon a time, hanging up posters in the classroom and flipping through textbooks were the norm, however, in the modern age of technology, students are now so distracted by smartphones and tablets that new methods of student engagement are needed.

So, what better way to engage students than by letting them use the technology that they love. The age-old saying “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” thoroughly applies in this scenario. Interactive screens used for schools are proven to boost test scores and encourage students to pay attention in the classroom.

Recently, i3-Technologies reached out to clarify the difference between a touchscreen and an interactive board. An interactive board is essentially a projector on a board with built-in touchpoints, as opposed to a touchscreen, which is a screen with a touch panel layered on top. Users are able to interact with both in similar ways, but touchscreens are an AIO (all-in-one) solution. Touchscreens are, however, restricted by screen size, whereas interactive whiteboards have a range of sizes requiring the set-up of additional elements.

Thanks to technology, students who typically struggle in certain subjects can take a more proactive approach to learning through interactive screens, often in the form of a tablet or interactive whiteboard. Interactive whiteboards themselves have been used in many schools since as early as 2004, so they aren’t an entirely new concept; but they have come a long way and are now capable of so much more.

Ultimately, interactive whiteboards are designed to spur collaboration, raise test scores, and improve students’ overall understanding of a wide range of subjects—from math and science to language arts, and more. Interactive boards and other various tech can bring students together and help them understand concepts as a group.

To find out more about how technology improves curriculum and test scores through the use of screens and interactive whiteboards, see i3-Technologies’s website at the following URL: https://www.i3-technologies.com/en/

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