I-Tuf Announces A New Stronger More Reliable Dashboard Car Mount

I-Tuf is the leader in cellphone car mounts and accessories.

I-Tuf, the leading car mount provider today, is offering a stronger, reliable and perfect dashboard car mount for smartphone called Talon Car Mount.

A car mount is indeed one of the most important cellphone accessories a busy person must have. This is particularly important while driving. Research shows that accident happens due to negligence such as driving while texting or calling. This can be avoided with the help of Talon Car Mount.

With Talon Car Mount, one can safely, easily and securely mount his or her phone in just one touch. It doesn’t matter if one is driving and utilizing the phone as a GPS, for talking hands-free or simply want to be capable of seeing what is taking place on the phone. Talon Car Mount is here to address all these issues. The talon mount is extremely handy, properly constructed and sticks on the dashboard well without the need of spitting on the suction cup even after taking the car mount off and placing it on several times.

According to an I-Tuf executive, Talon Car Mount underwent testing in order to survive daily use. It is made from high quality materials and has a unique design that helps enhance the interior of the car. So, it doesn’t just serve as a car mount, but also a decoration.

Another important feature of Talon Car Mount is that is totally adjustable and fits on the dashboard, windshield as well as desk of the car. With this state of the art development, drivers can use their smartphone as GPS, receive and make calls as well as see trending videos without the need of holding it. As a result, it avoids possible road accidents. Another factor that sets this product apart from the rest is that it can be obtained at a very reasonable price.

“Great purchase, great price! Securely holds my phone like no other device I have tried. Allows me to keep my eyes on the road and use my phone for navigation and I can play my iTunes playlist with ease. Very sturdy. Secure mount. Easy to take phone in and out of mount with ease. Just what I have been looking for,” says Chris Perry a satisfied customer.

For more information about the latest and state of the art Talon car mount, please feel free to visit Amazon store.

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