I Love to Teach 101 Announces its New K-12 Digital Teacher Planner Launch

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I Love To Teach 101 releases Three previously unpublished features about its New K-12 Digital Teacher Planner launch. Further information can be found at https://ilovetoteach101.com.

Ahead of the launch of its new Digital Teacher Planner, I Love To Teach 101 is making public Three as yet unreleased features about the K-12 Digital Teacher Planner, set to go live Friday 20th May 2021, which fans and consumers within the Teacher Productivity space will find interesting.

Three Effective Features:

1. The K-12 digital teacher planner is Evergreen. So once purchased it can be re-used year after year. The cover and internal colour can be customised on request.

2. Every teacher is unique with differing styles of management so 32 lesson plan templates are provided. There are weekly and daily templates that have days or time clocks across the top or down the side, with 1 to 8 columns for subjects.

3. The planner provides an extensive collection of forms to manage the multiple things a teacher has to juggle each day. Such as planning, routines, checklists, grading, tests, academic reports, school outings, parent meetings and so on.

The K-12 digital teacher planner also comes free with the purchase of the Go HERO teacher productivity course. The course creator Sylvia Skinner teaches how to increase teacher productivity with the K-12 digital teacher planner using work smart habits and a secret weapon to zero non-contracted hours.

Sylvia Skinner the founder of I Love To Teach 101, is quoted saying: “The K-12 digital teacher planner is a PDF with navigational links. It was created for the iPad and Apple Pencil but it can be used on any tablet with any pdf reader app.”

Skinner has also written an article explaining seven reasons why every K-12 teacher needs a digital teacher planner. A full copy of the article can be viewed at https://ilovetoteach101.com/digital-teacher-planner-7-amazing-reasons-you-need-one/

The K-12 Digital Teacher Planner is set to launch Friday 21st May 2021.

Further information about I Love To Teach 101, can be discovered at https://ilovetoteach101.com

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