I-80 Marijuana Arrest Lawyer Predicts Rise In Scrutiny For Out-Of-State Drivers

As the states around Nebraska continue to legalize/decriminalize marijuana, Dan Stockmann, a Nebraska drug lawyer for marijuana arrests on I-80, predicts which drivers will face more scrutiny.

I-80 is a major highway that connects San Francisco with New York, making it a thoroughfare for marijuana trafficking. Labeled as a “drug corridor” by law enforcement agencies within the state and outside of it, it will become a major focus of traffic stops and seizures, predicts 1-80 marijuana arrest lawyer Daniel Stockmann.

Nebraska Drug Attorney Daniel Stockmann explains: “While surrounding states have legalized marijuana, it is still against the law to possess it in Nebraska, even if you are only traveling through the state. In fact, I foresee a time when most traffic stops focus on out of state passengers.”

The focus on out of state cars isn’t simply to increase the number of I-80 marijuana arrests, but to find drug traffickers who transport hundreds of pounds of marijuana and other illegal substances through the state.

“Now, all out of state cars always have increased scrutiny. Even so, I predict that people from Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington will be the primary focus for drug trafficking,” Attorney Stockmann further explains. “They will be looking for rental cars, in particular, because these are frequently used and switched on the journey across the country. Remember, however, that in order to stop and search your car, the police need to have probable cause.”

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