Hypotension Treatment Natural Remedies for Low Blood Pressure Ebook Launched

Professional naturopath and herbalist Joanna Sochan launched a new guide on natural treatments for low blood pressure. The e-book is available through her official website and covers essential aspects related to hypotension management, including nutritional and lifestyle changes, effective natural treatments and others.

Joanna Sochan, a professional naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist, launched Low Blood Pressure: Nutritional, Herbal and Lifestyle Solutions to Increase Low Blood Pressure Naturally. The e-book is ideal for anyone looking for natural remedies to hypotension (low blood pressure), a common condition that is often overlooked in most freely-available online medical resources.

More information can be found at http://naturimedica.com/product/low-blood-pressure-ebook-nutritional-lifestyle-solutions-hypotension.

Hypotension is a condition characterized by blood pressure readings below 90 mm HG systolic and 60 mm diastolic (upper and lower readings, respectively). While relatively common, information on hypotension treatment and management can be difficult to find, with most sources dealing primarily with treatments for hypertension (high blood pressure).

The new e-book by Joanna Sochan is the result of her extensive experience helping clients overcome low blood pressure using natural treatment methods and holistic medicine approaches.

Ms. Sochan focuses on the most effective ways to combine natural remedies with nutritional and lifestyle changes to ensure sustainable and safe recovery.

Combining natural medicine remedies with clinical experience and holistic approaches to hypotension treatment, the e-book covers essential aspects of the most important factors associated with low blood pressure. Readers will find extensive information on adrenal health, dehydration, nutrition, electrolyte depletion, beneficial herbs and lifestyle.

Ms. Sochan’s latest e-book is designed as an easy-to-read, actionable guide on how to manage low blood pressure safely and effectively using natural remedies, nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Joanna Sochan is a professional nutritionist, herbalist and naturopath with extensive experience helping clients overcome a variety of conditions, including fatigue, gut disorders, skin conditions, stress, sleep disorders and many others.

Ms. Sochan said: “While I fully respect and appreciate conventional medicine and I liaise with many wonderful doctors and nurses, I see exciting potential for a natural approach to work either alongside conventional medicine or on its own, as required by clients and their circumstances. This method ensures my clients obtain the benefits of both worlds and, as a result, their recovery rates and enjoyment of life increase significantly.”

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