Hypnotherapy: A Valid Medical Procedure – A Deep Dive Into The Subconscious

Recent revelations have medical professionals beginning to address a previously ignored, but core important aspect of personal growth – the subconscious. One such professional is Dr. Travis Fox, who has developed breakthrough psychological techniques to help others lose weight and live healthy lifestyles.

There have been some recent revelations in the self-help industry that for decades has been dominated by a few “top” gurus like Tony Robbins and Eckhart Tolle, and now some lesser-known practitioners are starting to make breakthroughs in the field by way of the subconscious, such as Travis Fox. Unfortunately for them, the branding and media attention awarded to the established leaders of the industry are difficult to overcome. But with new media outlets, niche techniques/approaches are starting to get a foot-hold due to a deep dive into the subconscious mind.

There appears to be a rising trend of people moving away from the catch-all life-coach approach to self-help. For example, in the mid-80’s, Tony Robbins started his rise to prominence as one of the all-time great self-help gurus, but recently, increasing stigmatization of the term “self-help guru” and skepticism of the associated methodologies probably had a hand in the reasoning behind him naming his recent Netflix documentary “I Am Not Your Guru.”

Robbins’ dynamic personality and “man-of-people” attitude endeared him to a wide public audience, despite controversies over some of his advice (he frequently used fire-walking in his seminars, for instance). Other top “gurus,” like Eckhart Tolle, draw heavily from Zen Buddhism or similar Eastern philosophies. But recently, some lesser-known self-help leaders have been utilizing more focused, psychology and hypnotherapy-based approaches.

One such leader is Dr. Travis Fox, who has recently developed breakthrough psychological techniques to help others improve their lives through understanding their subconscious mind. He’s a fresh, dynamic personality who spent his first career on screen playing a doctor on “One Life to Live,” and then began touring the world with his wildly successful “Hypnomania™” show. Armed with PhDs in Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy, his revolutionary new approach focuses on self-understanding of the subconscious to affect conscious behavioral patterns.

After a 9-year break traveling the world to meet and study with the Masters in Bali, Thailand, India, and a dozen more countries, Dr. Fox is coming back to pass along the next-level information he’s acquired to help people become their ideal selves.

Travis Fox, like Sonja Lyubomirsky, will categorically reject being labeled a “self-help guru.” One of Travis Fox’s favorite quotes is “I can’t change you, but I can help you change yourself.” They are lending real scientific credibility to certain self-help techniques, while also casting doubt on others. For instance, Lyubomirsky, a psychology researcher at the University of California and author of The How of Happiness, is pioneering further academic research that is quickly legitimizing aspects of the field. It has been a long hall since 1958, when both the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association recognized hypnotherapy as a valid medical procedure, but finally becoming mainstream.

It’s entirely possible that the older approaches will be successful for some people, but those people need to be informed of these newer, more scientifically-minded techniques that are beginning to move away from the concept of “self-help guru” as a whole. For more information on self-help and self-improvement, take a look at Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Sonja Lyubomirsky, and Travis Fox here.

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