Hypnosis Set To Change The Face Of Work Life Balance With Mindfulness Series

Integrity Coaching and Training Systems releases information on how its new MINDFULNESS – A LIFE IN BALANCE MP3 will change things in the Hypnosis and Mindfulness space for the better. Further information can be found at http://integritycoachingandtraining.com/.

Earlier today Patricia Eslava Vessey with Integrity Coaching and Training Systems announced the launch of, HOW TO CREATE WORK-LIFE BALANCE, and it’s new MINDFULNESS – A LIFE IN BALANCE MP3. This workbook and MP3 is set to go live November 10, 2016.

For anyone interested in the world of Hypnosis, Personal Empowerment and Mindfulness, this launch will be worth paying attention to, as it’s set to improve the lives of many through a powerful personal inquiry strategy, action plan and guided meditation journey to deepen the learning, increase self-awareness, and create achievable, empowered results.

The Owner and CEO of Integrity Coaching & Training Systems Patricia Eslava Vessey, says “people’s lives will be enriched, engaged and empowered when STRATEGIES FOR MINDFUL LIVING SERIES ~ HOW TO CREATE WORK-LIFE BALANCE launches”. Patricia Eslava Vessey continues… “My hope is that we all become proactive when it comes to mindful living. Ultimately this recording and series will transform lives by helping people increase self awareness, resolve chronic negative thinking and learn to make empowered choices and changes in their lives.”

Integrity Coaching and Training Systems, a personal development and wellness company, established in 2004, helps people make meaningful, lasting and powerful life changes in their personal and professional lives using coaching, hypnosis, NLP, fitness training, recordings and personal development seminars. For more than 30 years, Patricia Eslava Vessey has helped thousands of people achieve confidence, perform better, manage their weight and their lives, and transform negative thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors into the empowered lives they desire.

Patricia believes deep inside we know what we want, but because of fear, stress, and expectations of others, we ignore this vital information and we suffer physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This mindfulness living series will guide people into discovering, drawing out and manifesting their best life.

The “HOW TO CREATE WORK-LIFE BALANCE” workbook and MP3 chronicles in part, Anna’s unhealthy choices, her near death experience, and how she found work-life balance. By using these same effective strategies and techniques, this workbook and MP3 helps the participant create successful balance in their own life as well.

“Our training helps to solve the negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors some people struggle with. The questions we pose help the participant think outside the box and discover that they have choices and options; which helps with empowering our client. Feeling freer, more aware, and equipped with a purpose to support oneself is critical as well as creating solutions and goals with an action plan to implement.”

Patricia Eslava Vessey has an extremely unique system in place that includes personal inquiry, guided meditation, action planning and the teaching of breathing techniques to instill inner calm in any situation, especially when experiencing work stress.

Our unique Guided Meditation Recording, “Mindfulness, A Life in Balance” should be listened to daily. The prompts in the meditation help the listener feel more centered and grounded while helping to create a balanced life. This alone is predicted to make Integrity Coaching and Training System’s MINDFULNESS – A LIFE IN BALANCE MP3 more popular with customers looking for help with Hypnosis and Mindfulness, quickly and easily.

Once again, HOW TO CREATE WORK-LIFE BALANCE is set to launch November 10, 2016. To find out more, the place to visit is http://integritycoachingandtraining.com/product/mindfulness-a-life-in-balance/

For further information about Integrity Coaching and Training Systems, go to http://integritycoachingandtraining.com/

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