Hypnosis For TV Addiction Take Control & Increase Productivity Program Launched

A new hypnosis program has been launched by Dr Steve G Jones to help people to combat TV addiction. It is designed to give people control over their time and live the life they want.

Dr Steve G Jones has launched a new hypnosis program to help patients end their addiction to TV. He has a unique self-hypnosis track that helps people to fill their mind and heart with an unshakeable sense of peace and joy, while focusing on achieving their goals.

For more information please visit the website here https://tvdependence.com

Dr Steve G Jones is a licensed clinical hypnotherapist and self-made multimillionaire who developed the Dream Life Mastery Program to help other people live the life they want.

The hypnotist’s website highlights how his new hypnosis program can help people to achieve their goals, quit bad habits, and take control of their life.

The site shows that before Steve learned the secrets of building an abundant life, he went through struggles of his own. For example, he lost his mother at a young age, and grew up with a father struggling with alcohol abuse.

Later in life, he reached a turning point where he discovered a way to reprogram his mind. This allowed him to design his life and attract everything he needed.

His newly launched program is designed to give these same benefits to clients. For anyone struggling with an addiction to TV, it offers them the chance to overcome their habit and gain more freedom in their everyday life.

Research shows that as much as 95% of the country includes TV watching as part of their leisure time. On average, the typical American viewer is likely to watch over 5 hours of TV every day.

This means that a huge amount of the population watches thousands of hours of TV every year. Much of this is mindless and could be the result of TV addiction.

Hypnotism can be a good way for anyone wanting to cut down on their TV viewing to combat the addiction.

With his newly launched program, Dr Steve Jones helps people to become more focused on the present and get more out of each day. Every hour watching TV is an hour that can be used for productively with the right mindset.

Those wishing to find out more can visit the website here https://tvdependence.com

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