Hypershift & ZScaler: An Implementation Case Study With Livingston International

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Implementation Service Case Study: Livingston International, American’s number one customs brokerage, is an industry leader specializing in international trade consulting and compliance services. They have a global footprint of almost 3,000 employees distributed across more than 100 key border points, seaports, airports, and other strategic locations. Their workforce relied on antiquated technology that couldn’t keep up with a hybrid-cloud hosted infrastructure.

Hypershift and Zscaler offered Livingston: “White Glove Service from conception through implementation.”

Why ZScaler Internet Access? “Our internal Security Department tested Cisco’s Umbrella solution versus the chosen ZScaler solution with a proof of concept and determined a much better fit for our industry vertical.”

Hypershift is an experienced MSP and cloud broker. We curate a portfolio of “X as a Service” partners and expert-level managed services designed to optimize your cloud strategy. Some of our cutting-edge partners include ZScaler, Semperis, Okta, Microsoft, and Automation Anywhere. We are an IT Consulting firm focused on helping our clients shift to SaaS and Cloud-based services. Hypershift was founded to solve new challenges. Namely, a world where massive capital expenditures are shunned in favor of pay-as-you go operational expenses that are tightly matched to your needs.

Our approach focuses on a curated, best of breed, cost-optimized technology portfolio that has been proven to work seamlessly together, from directory services and authentication to data integration, data warehousing, and automated data exchange between SaaS applications.

At Hypershift Technologies, we help our clients to develop a better strategy for leveraging the cloud. We assist companies in migrating from traditional data center models, integrating IaaS & SaaS services, and reducing an organization’s CapEx and OpEx while increasing technology flexibility.

Our clients transform their datacenter strategies into cloud, SaaS and subscription centric OpEx. Let our expert consulting staff optimize your cloud strategy using the best SaaS, IaaS, and software platforms.

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