Hybrid Golf Swing One Plane Beginners Tutorial & Pictures Guide Launched

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Golf Swing Tips For Beginners launched two new reports on the one-plane and two-plane golf swings, as well as extensive tutorials on the hybrid plane golf swing for beginners.

Golf Swing Tips For Beginners, an website specializing in golf swing training resources, continues its golf swing series with new reports on the one-plane and two-plane swings, as well as the Hybrid Swing Plane advocated by Jeff Richmond. The guides are ideal for golf beginners looking for a detailed explanation of various golf swings, as well as a practical hybrid system which can be easily implemented into their playing.

More information can be found at http://www.golfswingtipsforbeginners.com/plane-golf-swing-html.

Understanding the basics of golf swing theory is essential for any beginning golf player, and can make a powerful contribution to taking their golf skills to a new level.

The 1 Plane Golf Swing Vs. 2 Plane Golf Swing report by Jeff Richmond offers a detailed explanation of the two major swing styles, complete with pictures and a practical guide on assessing one’s golf swing.

According to the report, it is possible to play great golf with both one-plane and two-plane golf swings – as shown by More Norman and Jim Furyk, two famous golfers who illustrate extreme examples of the two swing styles.

However, for a golf beginner, using a hybrid style can be both easier and more effective: “I don’t think any extreme version is right. I would never teach a person to swing like Moe Norman. Equally, I would never teach a person to swing like Jim Furyk. I like the middle ground and both swing plane theories have their good points that I think can be melded into a great golf swing.”

The hybrid swing is more adaptable to the high-power modern golf swing, and the full report by Jeff Richmond offers a thorough tutorial on this efficient swing style: http://www.golfswingtipsforbeginners.com/hybrid-swing-plane-html.

Jeff Richmond sums it up as follows: “My Hybrid Golf Swing Plane theory, is to swing back ensuring at the half-way point in the golf swing the club shaft points down at the ball. Then at the half-way point in the downswing, the clubshaft again points at the ball.”

The report continues with a detailed analysis and explanation of the hybrid swing as illustrated by Louis Oosthuizen, the 2010 Open Champion.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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