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Leading tape manufacturer Shurtape launched Tape University, an informative website for professionals in a variety of industries. The website features informative articles on different types of tapes, applications, common mistakes and many other topics.

Shurtape, a manufacturer of professional tapes for different industries, launched Tape University, a new informative website offering a wide range of articles on different tape-related topics. Visitors will find information on the benefits of different types of tape, proper applications, common tape mistakes and various others.

More information can be found at https://tapeuniversity.com.

The new website features a logical layout based on industry and usage. The articles are thus grouped according to target industry, including building and construction, HVAC, industrial MRO and packaging. Readers will also find a variety of materials on proper tape application and best practices.

For improved accessibility, Tape University also provides an extensive tag list covering a wide range of topics, from abatement tapes to stucco tape application. Clicking on each tag opens a results page with all the relevant articles, making it easy for readers to find the necessary information on their topics of interest.

Among the informative articles featured on the new website is “5 Tapes Every HVAC Contractor Needs in their Toolbox”. According to the article, the different materials and environments encountered by HVAC contractors make it important for industry professionals to have a variety of tapes on hand.

The article recommends that every HVAC contractor’s toolbox include foil tape for joining and sealing joints and connections, film tape for sealing certain industry materials, general-purpose duct tape for minor repairs, electrical tape to insulate wires, and masking tape for bundling, labeling and color-coding.

Other featured articles include “What is the proper way to apply HVAC tape?”, “What are the benefits of Water-Activated Tape?” and others.

The website was created by Shuretape in an effort to provide high-quality informative materials from industry experts. Shuretape manufactures a wide range of tape for different industries, including building and construction, packaging, arts and entertainment, industrial MRO and others.

More details on Shurtape can be found at https://shurtape.com.

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